Klout.  I’ve posted about Klout before.  I can’t say enough about what an amazing company they are.  It’s an honor to watch them grow from when they first started and blossom into what they are today.   Klout is a San Francisco company that basically measures your social influence and helps you leverage your influence.   I’ve received many awesome perks in the past but this trip to Seattle was definitely by far THE BEST.

Seattle’s Convention & Visitors Bureau basically picked up the cost for the flight and hotel for me and a guest for 2 days in Seattle.  They even gave us a $500 Visa Giftcard so that we could truly experience what Seattle has to offer.  My tweets were also showcased on the 2 Days in Seattle website for all to see.

I was given a choice of hotels and I selected the Pan Pacific Hotel.   I have actually stayed at several Pan Pacifics before and have never been disappointed.  I also thought the Pan Pacific Seattle was located in an area that was perfect for me.  Most of the shopping areas and restaurants I wanted to visit were less than a mile from the hotel.   The airport was about a $40 cab ride away.  We were supposed to be in a standard room but we quickly noticed that we were upgraded to the new balcony suite on the 11th floor.  The room was perfect for us!  It was more like a condo than a hotel room.  With my arsenal of beauty products, I was ecstatic that there were 2 bathrooms.  I happily sprawled out all of my products in the bigger of the 2 bathrooms.


Pan Pacific Seattle Suite

Pan Pacific Seattle Suite

Pan Pacific Seattle Suite

Pan Pacific Seattle Suite Bedroom


The front desk had a gift bag for me when I checked in filled with goodies from Seattle.   Not only did I get the $500 Visa Giftcard but I also got a $50 Giftcard to Pacific Place, an indoor shopping area with a theater, restaurants and stores including Barneys New York.   I also got a bunch of coupons for the restaurants in Pacific Place.  The first time I had ever tasted a salted caramel was in fact in Seattle so I was pretty happy to see a box of Fran’s Chocolates in the gift bag.  I was even happier when I saw a $25 Giftcard for Fran’s which is located  at the Four Seasons Hotel.  I am not afraid to admit that I did NOT share these and I ate them within an hour of us arriving in Seattle.



We decided to go explore the downtown Seattle shopping area before dinner.  We had reservations at Spur Gastropub which I was really excited about because of all the amazing things I have heard about them.   I did leave my heavy Nikon at the hotel while we shopped and ate for obvious reasons although I regret not getting pictures of the amazing food at Spur.  iPhone pictures of food lit up by candlelight will have to do.

Spur is a very cozy restaurant that I specifically selected because of not only the food but the ambience.  I wanted something not too quiet and a little on the trendy side.  It was perfect.  All of the dishes at Spur are meant to be on the smaller side so we ordered 4 different dishes and shared everything.


Sockeye Salmon Crostini

Mascarpone.  Caper.  Pickled Shallot.


Sockeye Salmon Crostini at Spur Gastropub Seattle


Alaskan Spot Prawns

Gingko Nut.  Celery Root.  Brown Butter.


Alaskan Spot Prawns at Spur Gastropub Seattle


Pork Belly Sliders

Cranberry.  Walla Walla Sweet Onion.  Scotch.


Pork Belly Sliders at Spur Gastropub


Wagyu Sirloin

Cauliflower.  Baby Artichoke.  Almond Gremolata.


Wagyu Sirloin at Spur Gastropub Seattle


We also ordered a delicious chocolate dessert but somebody dug in before I got a picture.


After dinner we decided to check out the HG Lodge in Capitol Hill for some drinks and dancing.   We met one of the owners, Marcus, who took amazing care of us.  He even fed us after we left the HG Lodge at another one of his establishments, Lil Woody’s.    Lil Woody’s is a burger joint that uses fresh, hand formed ground beef to make their burgers accompanied with hand cut fries.  No preformed generic burgers here!  I actually opted for an amazing buttermilk fried chicken sandwich.  This was THE perfect after club late night meal.   They close at 3am on Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to swing by there if you are hungry after a night of drinking.


Lil Woody's Cap Hill Fried Chicken Sandwich seattle


We started our Sunday with a perfect lunch at the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar.   The restaurant itself was open and bright with an amazing wine rack/centerpiece in the center.  I absolutely adored the feel of the Purple Cafe.  I was even more in love when I caught a glimpse of their wine and beer selection.  I opted for beer since I had plans to watch the Celtics game after lunch.  PLUS I noticed that they carried the Tripel Karmeliet which I absolutely LOVE.


Purple Cafe and Wine Bar Seattle

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar Tripel Karmeliet Seattle


The Wild Mushroom Bruschetta we started off with was PERFECT.


Purple Cafe and Wine Bar Seattle Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

We planned to keep lunch light so we decided just to share a Maine Lobster Baked Macaroni & Cheese.  It was pure decadence and I highly recommend this dish.  For the record, we have gone above and beyond our $500 giftcard awhile ago.



We decided to visit Alive & Well, a brand new boutique, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  Marcus, owner of the HG Lodge and Lil’ Woody’s from the night before, is also part owner of Alive & Well along with George & Steve.  Alive & Well carries their own in house line as well as other Seattle brands such as Actual Pain & Sausage Skateboards.   Being a San Francisco girl, I noticed a Bay Area presence in the store too when I spotted Black Scale & HUF products.



Hope you guys enjoyed a little piece of my trip….


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  1. That looks like an amazing hotel room!


    • Oh but it was!!!! =p

  2. Amazing pictures!!!! I totally want to go to these restaurants!!

    • You should!! And thank you!

  3. Oh. My. God. I just … this post is … I’m so jealous. Everything about this is AMAZING!

    • XOXO… don’t be jealous doll =p

  4. Looks like you had fun! My man would love that that store! I’ll have to tell him about it. Great pics!

    • You should! <3

  5. Dope flicks and editing. Does Alive & Well do internet orders?

    • I’m not positive if they do. Thank you!

    • Looks like they will have the ability to take internet orders by the end of the month. <3

  6. You are so talented. Have you thought of doing more food blogging? Or even doing these little posts on boutiques? I love your photography style.

    • That is too sweet. I actually had so much fun doing it over the weekend that yes it has crossed my mind.

  7. High-class blogger. This is sooo snobby and I love it. “I got a suite and money and tonsa stuff”, gosh how I envy you, I badly wanna go to Seattle, too :D

    • That’s how I feel when you blog about Guerlain HAHAHHA… xo

  8. That room is amazing,such a nice design!

    All that food!Great!Now I`m hungry! :) )

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