Haul: Pink Lips & Chunky Glitter

I don’t always blog when I pick up new items.  Sometimes I feel like it’s unnecessary but this time I definitely wanted to share some items with you guys!



If you guys have followed me for awhile, you know that I tend to stay away from overly hyped up items that are allover the blogosphere.   I was in CVS for no good reason and saw the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint and Pink Punch.  I thought I would just give them a shot.  I adore peppermint lip anything so figured I would just try it.   I’m really glad I did!  I opened it up as soon as I got in the car and first tried the Peppermint.  It’s not a strong tingly Peppermint like I like but still very nice.  It was not waxy at all and made my lips nice and soft.  Pink Punch smelled absolutely divine and gave my very pigmented lips a nice baby pink tint.  I am not a huge lip balm person so it’s rare that I really like any balms this much.  EOS balms were my last balm purchase and besides their great smell, I think they’re balls of shit.


Maybelline Baby Lips Peppermint Pink Punch

Maybelline Baby Lips Peppermint Pink Punch product

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch swatch FOTD lip swatch asian


Being the obsessive person that I am, I went on a hunt for more Baby Lips THAT DAY.  I ended up finding everything BUT them.   I ran into the new Wet n Wild products and picked up Dollhouse Pink.   I rarely run into pink lipsticks that I’m not sure about and I’m not really sure about this lipstick on me.   It might be too light and bright on my skintone.  Or maybe it’s because I’m not wearing much makeup today.   I don’t know but I haven’t decided on this one yet.  I’m feeling a little Nicki Minaj in this mutha….  What do you guys think?


Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink 967

Wet n Wild wnw Dollhouse Pink lip swatch asian FOTD 967


I also ran into the Milani Jewel FX polishes that I’ve been looking for for forever now!  (Say that 5 times fast)  I really wanted the Gold so I had to get that one but I also saw a pink that I apparently needed as well.  I’ve been on a chunky glitter kick lately so definitely a must for me.  I have not tried these yet.


Milani Jewel FX Gold 531 hex glitter

Milani Jewel FX Hot Pink hex glitter 583


I ran into these Kleancolor glitters about a month ago but thought I would include them in this post since they fit in.  I LOOOOOVE them sooooo much!  I absolutely love jellies and chunky hex glitter in different sizes!!  I’ve been wearing these over a black polish lately and just LOVE how it looks.  These were $1.99 each!


Kleancolor Blue-eyed Girl chunky glitter hex jelly

Kleancolor Born to the Purple 192 chunky glitter hex jelly

Kleancolor Chunky Silver 28 nailpolish glitter hex


Last but not least, I randomly ran into this last polish at Forever 21.  I haven’t tried this or any Forever polishes for that matter but the chunky hex hologram glitters reeled me in.  Hopefully it ends up being a good purchase.  I believe this was about $3.


love and beauty forever 21 silver holo hex glitter


Well that’s all for now!!  Hope you guys liked my little haul!  Have a great rest of your weekend…



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  1. I have the same blue Kleankolor polish and love it! It is best used over another polish.

    • I’ve only tried it over black and love it!

  2. Wow, these look so pretty especially the blue Kleankolor polish, its gorgeous :)

    • I LOVE that polish!

  3. I adore that Baby Lips in Pink Punch and am on a bit of a fresh, peppermint kick lately too. Wish we had these already in my area of Oz. Definitely on the list!

    • Oh no!!! That must suck seeing us blog about stuff you can’t get! =(

  4. I LOVE Baby Lips! Like you, I’m not a big balm person. I did not like the EOS ones and was kinda glad when my dog chewed them up, gave me an excuse to throw them away. I think Pink Punch is the only really good color though; the rest of them are really sheer. I bought PP and Grape Vine and the latter does not show up on me at all and the smell is very artificial IMO.

    The WnW is very Nicki Minaj on you, but I kind of love her and I think it works for you! Pale pinks make my skin look tawny or something, I feel much more Jersey Shore than Nicki Minaj. :/

    • HAHAH yeah I do NOT like them. AND I hate that the packaging is a dirt magnet.

      I will try one FOTD with it and either give it away or keep it haha.

  5. Pink punch is surprisingly pigmented on you! Not liking the WnW lipstick though it is too pale for you :( The formula looks great though. I need to check these new lippies out

    • It’s the perfect amount of color. Yeah it looks like Pepto to me LOL. The formula IS great.

  6. girl you hauled! and such amazing stuff you found!!! Love it all

    • Luckily it was all inexpensive lol

  7. I LOVE Baby Lips! They were so hard to find in New York. I have the peppermint, and I use it to prime my lips. After seeing the color that Pink Punch yielded on your lips, I’m thinking that I’ll pick up Cherry Me. Thanks for the pics!

  8. I love that Pink Punch lip balm!Beautiful colour!

    I think you will change your mind about the Dollhouse Pink when you will have more make-up on.When I`m wearing a natural face and I choose a similar colour for my lips,it also looks kinda strange but once I start putting on eyeshadow,eyeliner it all ties in! ;)

    Sweet kisses for a sweet girl!

    • Totally agree…. I usually go light makeup when I swatch multiple lips.


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