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It’s been awhile since I blogged anything but as you all know I am still recovering from the eye surgery I had over a month ago.  My vision is far from 100% but I’m slowly getting better.  My vision fluctuates daily and yes this is all normal for the surgery I had.  I don’t want to discourage any of you from getting corrective eye surgery because most of you will qualify for basic LASIK which is nothing like what I had done.  Unlike my surgery, most LASIK patients are at 100% in a day or so.   I did want to let you guys know I probably won’t be doing much blogging just quite yet but I did want to check in and let you guys know I appreciate all of your tweets and Facebook messsages.

I also recently changed my hair up and normally I would do a video but I just don’t trust my eyes to do any major photo or video editing.   Here are some iPhone shots of my hair for now…   The pictures suck I know but I’m really loving my longer, fuller hair!!


shaved hair side cut asian nymphette nymphette415 blonde loose curls waves

As I’m loading the pictures, I’m realizing I haven’t taken any pics of my hair just straight yet.  I will.

My awesome YouTube twin Sokolum sent me a super cute clip that she made and I just had to wear it right away!  LOVE it especially now with all this haaaaaair!  I’m wearing MAC Ruby Woo here not that you can tell with the filter on the picture.


sugar skull hairclip sokolum

loose barrel waes curls sugar skulls clip MAC Ruby Woo lipstick asian nymphette nymphette415

loose barrel waes curls MAC Ruby Woo lipstick asian nymphette nymphette415

This was how my hair looked on the second day after the curls relaxed a bit.  I usually prefer second day curl anyway.  I decided to go with a smokey eye and dark lip just because I can…  I have GDE Veteran on my eyes and MAC Rebel on my lips.


loose barrel waes curls trendy headband braided gold MAC Rebel lipstick asian nymphette nymphette415


The sweet people at Apparel Dynasty sent me these awesomely unique platform pumps so I thought I’d share with you guys.  These Acrylicana Snow White’s Poison Apple Platform Pumps are true to size and actually very comfy!  The heel is 4.5″ and the platform is 1″.   They are 100% vegan and run $49.99.



I did a bad job aiming my camera on the tripod here but I might as well show you guys my favorite leggings from BCBG.  I looooove the leather insets!


Ok my vision is literally blurring more and more as I type so I will catch you guys later.



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  1. I was so happy to see this post because I miss you.Get well and get back to us! :)

    Love the last smokey eye look with dark lips!I know that you are suppose to wear dark lips with soft make-up on the eyes but who cares,I enjoy doing my make up just like you did it here.Rules are meant to be broken! ;)

    Many kisses and stay healthy!

    • Awww I miss you guys a lot. I know this wasn’t a real post but hopefully I’ll be back to posting real posts soon!! xoxo!!!

  2. I love the hair!

    • Thanks!

  3. You finally updated! I’m so excited right now! First and foremost, I love your face.

    I’m looking for some black leggings but I don’t know where to go.

    • lol xo!!! I got these at BCBG but I got a backup, beatup pair from Sears that are pretty similar. They are French Connection. I get my regular leggings from Macy’s. I’m pretty sure they are INC. They are way thicker and just better quality than the cheaper leggings.

  4. Love the shoes… are they comfy?

    • I haven’t worn em out yet but they seem very comfortable from me trying them on. They fit my arch well which is so important because I hate when shoes don’t support my arch. Makes my feet tired lol

  5. super in love with your new hair style.. so stylish! <3 Im glad you're slowly getting better :) Keep resting hun~ Shall anticipate your great return! :D

    • Thanks for your sweet words!!! xo

  6. What kind of picture editor do you use to make the effects on your pics? So pretty!

    • Ummm those were all edited on my iPhone with various apps but usually just use Instagram. =)

  7. How cute are those shoes? I love mary jane platforms. I’m always afraid I’m going to kick off my shoe while walking if they don’t have a strap. :D

    • I LOVE Mary Jane platforms too!! My faves!!

  8. So glad to hear that you’re healing surely, if slowly <3 And you are such a ROCKSTAR in that photo with the smokey eye and bold lip! I'll keep you in my prayers for a speedier recovery *hugs*

    • Thank you so much!!! xo!!

  9. Glad to see your getting better with time. I love your hair as well look super nice.

    • Thanks love!!! Appreciate it!

  10. Can’t wait for my heels to finally arrive :D !!!
    And I lovelovelove your new hair, you’re always so creative with styling and dyeing it.

    • Thanks lover!!!! XO!!

  11. You look great!!!! xoxoxo

    • Thanks Ness!! xo!!!

  12. love the new hair….hope the eyes heal soon

    • xo!!

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