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Today is exactly one week from my epiLASIK procedure.  I’m finally out of any really pain but feeling a little discouraged.  My vision has slowly been getting better everyday and I was really looking forward to going to the doctor today.  He was going to remove a bandage contact that I had on for a week to help with the healing of my eyes.  I really thought my vision would improve after the removal but I noticed my vision actually regressed.  This is not uncommon but it just gets frustrating.  I really would like to move on with normal life now but I guess I will have to be patient.  He also said  I MIGHT be 100% by next appointment which is 3 weeks away.  Le sigh….

I will give you guys a rundown of my healing process when it isn’t such a strain to be on the computer.  I really hope that all of you that are looking to do vision correction qualifies for regular LASIK because this procedure has been pretty damn gnarly from the beginning.  I guess I just have to be patient now…

Don’t take your vision for granted my loves….   <3<3


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  1. and you still look gorgeous! <3

    • <3<3

  2. Even when you’re weak like that, you still look hot as fuck. God, life’s so unfair LOL

    • Lol shut it gorgeous girl

  3. I think everyone I know that has done Lasik (only two lol) have had to go in more than once to get their vision back to 20/20…I hope it works out the second time around!! You’re still lookin good! :D

    • Huh? I had a different procedure done so my vision is still improving.

  4. Hope you get better soon. Take care

    • Thank you!

  5. oooh I hope your vision improves soon! I have terrible eyesight, and apparently only 2 brands of contacts are strong enough for my astigmatisms, and both of those brands are uncomfortable :( hopefully in a few years I can get Lasik, I’m still too young (21) to be a good candidate for it, since my eyesight can still worsen. Ugh. I’m sure you’re frustrated but I’m sure it will be awesome when you can see again! lol

    • My vision didn’t stabilize until now (29) so I feel your pain. Thank you!

  6. oh no, thats no fun :-( … hoping for better results on your next check-up! :-)

    • Thank you!!! I hope so too!

  7. Aw, I hope your eyes heal quickly!

    • Thank you so much!

  8. Aw! Thank you for taking the time to check in =) Get better soon!

    • Xo!!

  9. I love the photo of you. You look so exotic. LOVE IT!!

    And patience is always hard lol. But just think when Thanksgiving time comes this whole moment will be in the past. Wishing you well.

    • Yeah patience is a virtue I do not have lol. Thanks!! <3<3

  10. I am glad you are feeling better but I do hope that you’re vision gets better!!!!!!!!! I am sure it will and then back to your awesome videos!!!! I miss them

    • Awww thanks! I miss you guys a lot!

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your setbacks. Hope your vision improves soon!

    • Thanks!!!

  12. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well for the most part. I didn’t realize just how different this was compared to regular Lasik so can understand why you’re frustrated you still can’t see. Can you still wear your glasses until your eyes adjust, or do you have to walk around half blind all the time? If I had to be without my glasses I would have to sit two feet away from my tv to watch the hockey game, bummer. Hope all is super well soon, let us know how you’re progressing. Take care.

    • There’s no way I can wear glasses when my eyes change everyday you know? Thank you for commenting!! <3<3

  13. Oh wow.. i hope you really are 100% in 3 weeks.. so far away, but hey. at least you dont have to wear glasses/lenses anymore.. I cant wait till i get older and qualify for LASIK or similar, im 19 and my eyesight already sucks.. like -3.75 & -5.25 T___T it might not sound bad to you.. but, its already blind enough for me D: I hope you recover soon ^^ i miss your updates <3

    • All bad vision sucks lol… I hope your vision stabilizes soon! <3

  14. I hope that your eyes will be perfectly healthy as soon as possible!
    Be strong,be patient because you will be rewarded!

    Kisses and lots of warm hugs!

    • xo thank you for the sweet words!

  15. Get better friend!:)

    • Xo!!!!

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