It’s Been A Long Time Waiting

I have been MIA and will be out of commission for awhile.  I just wanted to drop in and let you guys know what was going on with me.

Those of you who don’t know, I have been in contact lenses to correct my severe nearsightedness for almost 20 years.  Everyone complains that they are blind if they need any type of vision correction but I truly cannot see without contact lenses.  I can literally can only see if it is within INCHES of my eyes.  I am currently a -8.50 on both eyes.  I went to my yearly checkup on Tuesday and found out that my vision has finally stabilized.  I have been waiting for this day a long time.  Most LASIK doctors will not (and should not) perform vision correction surgery until somebody’s vision has stabilized.  FINALLY, at age 29 I am able to at least get a consultation with a vision correction doctor.  I literally called a recommended doctor while I was at my optometrist’s office and scheduled an appointment for the next day.

Long story short, I scheduled a procedure called epiLASIK for Monday at 12:30.  This is not traditional LASIK which I pretty much knew I wouldn’t qualify for because of how high my prescription is.   So great news is that I can correct my vision…  Bad news?  It’s more expensive and the healing process is quite a bit longer (and more painful) than traditional LASIK.  I won’t be able to see clearly for at least a week and I’ll probably be on meds for about a week as well.

Anyway I just wanted to checkin with you guys and also share my little vision journey with you.  I wanted to let the people with really bad vision like me know that there are other options out there besides LASIK although you’ll probably have to search for a doctor that will do it.

I’ll try and keep you guys posted via Twitter.  Right this second I am not nervous although that will probably change when I’m on the operating table with my eyelids propped open.


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  1. I hope it goes well for you and you have a speedy recovery. :)

    • Thank you for the sweet words =)

  2. I hope the surgery goes well for you! My script is almost as high as yours so I really truly understand what you have gone through. I would love to have the surgery done myself! Good luck with it and hope Monday goes well for you xoxo :D

    • Thank you so much!!!

  3. Watched the video, that doesn’t look fun at all. Ill be prayin for u that the Drs will have the strength and wisdom to give u a speedy operation with no hiccups and quick recovery so u can be back to urself again doin what u love. We will miss u while ur healing. Much love. . .

    • This was really sweet thank you. I really appreciate it!

  4. OH no! Well I hope everything goes well and thank yuo for sharing. I am a negative 1.75 so I thought I was bad but yeah yours is worst. Mine just started getting worst so I can’t get Lasik as well until my vision is stabilized. Thank you so much for sharing you gave me hope! :) Miss you!!!!!

    • You should no problem qualifying for the standard LASIK procedure once you’ve stabilized. XO!

  5. I never knew anyone to get lasik the begin with but this epilasik looks painful! Are you under anesthetic for this procedure?

    • I think a numbing eye drop and that’s it…

  6. I hope for a speedy recovery and better vision for you. I actually sat here and watched the whole video very interesting procedure. Best of luck.

    • It is interesting right? Thank you!!

  7. Good luck, I hope all goes well! You must be so excited, though!

    • Thanks!! Absolutely!! lol

  8. Best of luck my dear. I had LAZIK early Jan this year and it was the best decision of my life. I’ve never felt so liberated before. I was -3 on each eye and now my eye sight is better than 20/20 :)

    • Awesome to hear that. Thank you love!

  9. Good Luck and speedy recovery. I would love to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and see clearly without looking for my glasses, that is probably going to be so wonderful for you. I hope its not too painful. Another plus for when you’re putting on your makeup without your contacts in is that you wont have to put your face two inches away from a mirror. My eyeliner takes forever when I do it that way. Take care and be well.

    • Thank you! Honestly I can’t even put makeup on with no contacts on. My vision is THAT bad!!

  10. Hope you have some peace and comfort during your recovery. I didn’t get the epiLasik, I had the other, it was painful for a bit for me, but the clear vision was miraculous. Wishing all the best…..

    • Thank you! It’s nice to hear from others who have had similar procedures done.

  11. YAY for technology, Boo for ouchie eyeballs!
    I’ll be thinking quick healing and great vision thoughts for you love! Smooches to you and your eyes!

    • Thank you lovebug!!! XOXO!!!

  12. Wow your vision is almost like mine! I’m -8.5 in one eye and -9.50 in the other eye. I wonder if I would be a good candidate for this procedure. I want Lasik but I’m terrified of medical procedures :(

    • I will keep you posted. I really hope you qualify because I totally feel your pain…

  13. I hope your surgery goes well and you recover fast! :) Although my vision isn’t as bad as yours I feel your pain, not being able to see sucks! I actually just went to the optometrist and found out I’ve developed an allergy to contacts and I have to put eye drops 2x a day so they’re not irritating me, >_> sooo fun!

    • Oh wow I can’t imagine being allergic to your contacts. Sorry!!! Thanks for your sweet words.

  14. it’s amazing what they can do now. i wish you a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

    • Thank you so much! YES it is amazing what they can do! I’m thankful…

  15. Oh, I’ve been sick for a week so I’ve kind of missed this! I’ve been on and off twitter so I just caught this on there now, so I came to read about it. I wish for you a speedy recovery, I hope it’s not too painful for you! I’m glad you’re able to get this corrected finally. Lots of good wishes for you! <3

    • Oh no I hope you feel better!!! Thank you love!!! Xo! *squishes*

  16. i had lasik done for a long time (lost count, probably 8 or 9 years). it’s scary but it’s so good being able to wake up seeing a crisp clear world.

    good luck with the procedure.

    • Unfortunately I won’t experience waking up with clear vision but more of a gradual change. Thank you!!!

  17. The eye surgeries they can do now days are amazing! Just got LASIK in July, absolutely worth every crummy feeling. Block of text below:
    Get tons of eye drops! Someone suggested the Systane drops to me for after the initial healing period (while you’re doing antibiotic drops) and they’re really great. And, the more fake tear drops you use, the better that first week will feel.
    And, not sure if you’ve ever done antibiotics in your eyes before, but something I found out the hard way was that they upset my stomach, had to take with a meal, so heads up.
    Good luck, have a good procedure and hope your healing goes well and take it easy!

    • Thank you for your advice!!! I appreciate that a lot!!

  18. YAAAY!! I’m so happy for you girl! You finally get to correct your vision and see clearly! I hope your surgery will go just fine and recover fast with the least of pain! I have the exact opposite (myopia) and my ophthalmologist keeps telling I can’t have LAZIK because my vision keeps dropping…so I’m stuck with glasses for now xD
    I’ll be waiting for your comeback ^^ Best of luck ma chérie!

    • THANKS! I sincerely hope you qualify one day because I totally understand the frustration.

  19. You’re lucky that you can do it :O

    Good luck!!!

    Using contact lenses for a long time can ruin your eyes and in the end they told my family friend that “No, we’re not doing anything because you messed up your eyes with lenses.”

    • He/She should probably get 2nd and 3rd opinions. There are doctors out there that specialize in cutting edge stuff. You never know…

  20. That sounds really bad, but at least something finally going to change even if it hurts. I wish you a speedy recovery and that everything goes well!

    • Totally worth the pain ;) … thanks bb

  21. i wish you the best of luck with this surgery and that everything goes well and the pain isnt too bad for you :( smoochiess! <3

    • Awww thank you!!! *hugs*

  22. I had Lasik over 5 years ago… miracle of my life! My vision hasn’t been this great since I was 9 ( I am now 50!) Good Luck & I hope you are as thrilled with the results as I am.

    • Amazing!!!! Thank you so much!

  23. Yay! I’m so happy for you! I’m sure that the surgery will go flawlessly — I had a very close friend/roommate who went through this procedure. It really isn’t too bad! You will have to be careful with the eye makeup for a while afterwards though.

    Good luck and congrats!

    • Thank you so much! Apparently it hurts for some and not for others so hopefully I belong to the group that doesn’t lol

  24. holy crap, that surgery looks terrifying. my eyes are -6.5 and -7 and I can’t see shit without glasses or contacts. I’ve heard about how life changing this can be though, and hope you don’t have to deal with any complications and heal quickly. best of luck and take it easy when you’re resting up!

    • LOL that’s exactly how I feel… I can’t see shit. Thank you so much!

  25. My eyes are in the -7 range, and I can hardly see without my glasses, so I totally know how you feel. I asked my doctor about getting LASIK and he told me he wouldn’t recommend it for my type of eyes. He said to wait until I’m older, and that there may be better options for my eyes later on. But I’m glad to know there is an option out there…I hope it goes well for you! And that you have a speedy recovery. :)

    • Go get a consult with a couple LASIK doctors. You might get a different answer. Our regular optometrist doesn’t perform surgeries you know? <3

  26. Good luck with the surgery babe~ Im too scared to watch the video.. and if my eyes will ever get really bad (i’m already -5.25 on one eye and i’m only 19!!! =’/) I hope that your pain & recovery time won’t be too bad >.< i look forward to seeing more blog posts and updates when you’ve fully recovered ^^

    • Thank you darlin… I hope your eyes stabilize a lot sooner than mind did.

  27. I had custom wavelength lasik performed last year and am seeing 20/20 and 15/20 out of my eyes. I know I am one of the lucky ones because, like you, my prescription was extremely high (-10.5 and -11!!!)AND I had what doctors consider as fairly high astigmatism. Fortunately, I was able to have the all laser Lasik performed and I didn’t have to come in for a second procedure to correct the residual prescription. I do, however, have a tiny tiny bit of astigmatism left that the surgeon said isn’t worth operating on.

    I think anxiety plays into how “painful” the surgery is. It was a bit uncomfortable, but not painful. And after the surgery, your eyes are quite scratchy and dry, and will sometimes sting. But nothing too serious! (Except if you’re me, who did have an uncommon side effect!!)

    You’re going to love the results! Your eyes might be more dry than before having the surgery, but being able to see the things that most people take for granted clearly is a blessing. =) Good luck!

    • It’s absolutely a blessing that people take for granted. Thank you for the sweet words. I’m on day 6 now. Still can’t see clearly and still slight pain. I think I should be fine tomorrow. Wishing I got regular LASIK but thankful I qualified for SOMETHING

  28. Hey luv hope all goes well and that you have a speedy recovery! Lots of love!

    • Thanks for all your support!

  29. Just saw your post, hope everything turns out well, and hope the healing process isn’t too painful! I’m sure all your readers, including myself, will miss your posts! But I wish you a speedy recovery girlie :-)

    • Thank you so much! Day 6 and the worst is behind me but still healing. Xo!

  30. good luck with that <3
    am thinking about the traditional lasik
    its not major with me am -1.5/-1.5
    still am not comfortable with that hope things will go great for both of us and all those who have same problem

    • From what I keep hearing, regular LASIK is no big deal. Good luck with whatever you decide to do and thanks!

  31. I wish you a speedy & hopefully as pain free as possible recovery. Good luck!

    • Thanks!!!!

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