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Lens Village was kind enough to send 2 pairs of circle lenses for me to review.  What attracts me to this website in particular is that they have one of the largest selections that I have seen for people with high prescriptions.  They also have a very easy to navigate website.  You can either search by the brand of the lenses or by the color.  I really wish more sites would offer a search by prescription option for blind people like me.  (When I say I’m blind, I mean it.  Everyone thinks they are blind until they find out my prescription.  Waaaaaait for it….)   It can be a little frustrating to find a pair that you like only to find out it isn’t available in your prescription.  I also love that they are very quick to respond.  Communication is crucial when purchasing internationally.

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On September 8th I was told my order would ship in 2 working days and I received my order on September 24th.  That is 14 business days.  I didn’t feel that this was long for an international order at all.   Everything was carefully packaged and I received my order undamaged.  Here’s what I received…



I got 2 pairs of prescription lenses and 2 empty cases.   YES that number on the top is my prescription!  I have not tried either of these lenses yet.  I just wanted to share the pictures with you first.  I will of course do a look with both of these lenses and let you know how comfortable they are, etc.

The first pair I got was the Puffy 3 Tones in Violet.   I really liked how they looked on the model (I’m not sure how accurate those pictures are but whatever) and I liked the fact that there were various tones in the design itself.   These lenses are available in prescriptions from 0.00 to -10.00.


Puffy 3 Tones packaging 2 violet lens village pictures review closeup

Puffy 3 Tones packaging 2 violet lens village pictures review closeup

Puffy 3 Tones packaging 2 violet lens village pictures review closeup

Puffy 3 Tones packaging 2 violet lens village pictures review closeup


I also received the Princess Nudy Gray lenses to try out.   I can’t wait to see how these look on.  I’ve always thought that cool toned eyes might look “cool” with my normally cool toned makeup.   These lenses also go from 0.00 to -10.00.


Princess Nudy Gray closeup review pictures lens village

Princess Nudy Gray closeup review pictures lens village

Princess Nudy Gray closeup review pictures lens village

Princess Nudy Gray closeup review pictures lens village


I hope you guys didn’t mind this little teaser post before I tested the lenses.  I thought it would be a better idea to break this post up otherwise it would be too lengthy anyway.  I will probably do a look with these tomorrow (or today depending on when you read THIS post).

Good night!!!

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  1. oh my gosh. You actually have worse eye sight than me. I’m -6.50 and can’t stand that my dad and sister only need glasses to read. I have seen countless circle lense reviews, but can’t really recall any that the person had prescription ones. So I’ll be interested to see how well these work for you. Thanks.

    • And def not blind as ME… hahahhahah

  2. Lol and I thought my prescription was bad but I’m only -1.25 but its Ok none the less neither of us can see without proper eye ware. But I can’t wait to see the photos because these lenses look gorgeous especially the purple ones.

    • I wish mine was -1.25 LOL….

  3. Oh wow, seeing your prescription makes me feel slightly better about mine haha im not the only blind one around! :D Looking forward tot he reviews and eye looks you’re going to do with these lenses ^^

    • Hahahha… I’m glad my blindness made you feel better!

  4. omg these are so cool! I cant wait to see them on you!

  5. I got really excited about being able to try circle lenses because I’ve been wanting them for a while but I’m blind, too. Alas, I am *too* blind, at -11.0. *sad face* Maybe one day circle lenses will catch up to me!

    • Wow I literally have never met anybody who’s prescription is worse than mine. =( I feel your pain!

  6. I love how everyone’s comments are about your prescription and not the contacts. LOL! My prescription was half that when I had lasik 12 years ago. Unfortunately my eyes changed again, but it’s only -1.5 so I can still see the time on the alarm clock. :D

    • I’m going to see if I can get LASIK. I’d be ecstatic to see anything in the morning lol

  7. I ordered from LensVillage.com three days ago. I was told my order would be shipped yesterday. I have not gotten a tracking # yet and when I emailed them I received NO response! ! Yikes! Has this happened to anyone before??

  8. oopsey, i meant It was 5 days ago. Not 3 days ago. I really hope I get my order. I ordered $300 worth of contacts!

  9. I got the puffy 3tone violet ones in my prescrition which is really unpaired -2.75 right and -4.25 left… it drives me crazy!!! glasses look very weird and contact lenses usually feel very different. These i can wear for 4 hours then they start getting dry.other than that they’re great!

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