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I was contacted by Concrete Minerals to test out some of their eyeshadows.  I’ve been on a mineral & indy kick lately so I thought it would be nice to try out another line. When a company contacts me, the first thing I do is check out their website.  The Concrete Minerals site is very clean, easy to navigate AND cute!

I received 2 full sized eyeshadows, Kinky & Brat.  They also included 4 sample baggies in Juvenile, Rocked, Zealous & Smut.  Concrete Minerals packages their samples in really large sample baggies.  I’m personally not a fan of of sample baggies and I transfer them into a jar IF I think I will use it.  I simply don’t use eyeshadows when they are in sample baggies so this way I will use them.

I do LOVE their full size packaging!  The full size eyeshadows are 1.5 grams and run $6.99 a piece.  I have not used any of these shadows yet so these are simply my thoughts after swatching.  ENJOY!

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow Packaging


Kinky - “Black-base teal w/ rainbow sparkle”

This is another color that is right up my alley.  Blackened blue smokey eyes are my go to when I’m not feeling particularly creative.   The rainbow sparkles in it give it that extra kick…


Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow

Concrete Minerals Kinky


Concrete Minerals Kinky

Brat – “(Shocking, hot pink) The hottest, brightest vegan pink under the sun excluding dyes! Pat it on lightly, and its violet leanings will pop out. Wear it all over your lids, and dance this mess around because you’ll be the star of the party!”

Brat was a lot brighter than it looked in the jar probably because of the sifter.   It is definitely a bright hot pink that has a blue shift/undertone.  Pinks with blue shifts are my absolute favorite so I’m definitely excited about this color.  It’s not overly shimmery and has a pretty pearly, slightly metallic finish.


Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow brat


Concrete Minerals Brat


Concrete Minerals Swatches Kinky Brat


And the samples….




Juvenile – “(Acid-green w/ turquoise sparkle) Bright yellow-green shadow. Try it alone or as an accent in the inside corner of eyes!”

Juvenile is probably my least favorite of the bunch as far as color is concerned.  I honestly thought the description was completely off.  It was more of a softer yellow than an acid-green to my eyes.


Rocked – “(Soft, neutral peach w/ violet sheen) A delicate girly shade, perfect for the office or days you only have 5 minutes for makeup! Don’t worry though, you’ll still feel pretty in this lovely neutral with subtle violet duochrome!”

Rocked completely surprised me.  I didn’t really think much of it when I saw it in the baggie because I’m not a huge fan of orange on my eyes.  When I swatched it, I immediately transferred it into a sample jar because it was gorgeous!   It was a lot softer and “creamier” than it initially looked.   This is a great everyday color that is far from boring.  Great finish on this one…


Concrete Minerals Rocked

Concrete Minerals Swatches Juvenile Rocked


And here are Kinky, Brat, Juvenile & Rocked swatched with MAC Fix+


Concrete Minerals Swatches Foiled Kinky Brat Juvenile Rocked


 Zealous – “(Vibrant turquoise) Reminiscent of tropical waters, this color is pure fun. And yes, this color is bright! Go crazy or add just an accent to the inside corners of eyes.”

This color sort of disappointed me in the payoff department.  It’s not bad but compared to the others it’s not great.   The color itself is pretty but not unique to this blue eyeshadow fanatic.


Concrete Minerals Zealous


Smut – “***A Concrete Minerals Bestseller!*** (Dirty silver with pink-purple undertones) It’s impossible to get the beauty of this incredible color to show-through in photos. “Smut” seems to be an instant favorite of anyone who even glances at it! This shadow looks just as good on as it does in the jar (and it looks reeeeally good in the jar) and compliments every color eye!”

Smut is damn sexy.  It’s a very unique color and sort of hard to describe.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.


Concrete Minerals Smut

Concrete Minerals Swatches Zealous Smut



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  1. You know, I love bold eye colors, but I think of all of these Smut is my favorite. That’s awesome!

    • Smut is pretty damn awesome… It’s very unique.

  2. Them lightbox pictures, I still can’t get over them x-x
    None of these colours are really unique, they’re pretty, though. I have a thing for ‘Rocked’!

    • Yeah Rocked totally surprised me. I didn’t think I would like it at all.

  3. I love the names but the colors themselves, once swatched, really sold themselves to me. I’m surprised by Rocked as well, but my favorite is Smut–it looks INCREDIBLE!

    • I LOOOOVE the names lol. I agree Smut & Rocked are my unexpected picks out of the bunch.

  4. I love their Primer! Was so wondering about Smut. Love Rocked! so pretty and ethereal.

    • I’ll have to try their primer thanks! Yes Rocked is lovely!!!

  5. Brat is hands down the prettiest of this group!

    • I’m pretty excited about trying Brat!!!

  6. I have Zealous, Juvenile and Smut and love them. Concrete’s colour descriptions are often quite off, and I think a lot of people have pointed out that Juvenile is more yellow than anything, but it hasn’t been changed.

    Anyway, I also love the look of Kinky and Brat. Thanks for the swatches! ^__^

    • No problem! Glad you enjoyed them! Kinky & Brat do look awesome!

  7. Wow, would you check out the pigmentation on those babies! I am digging Kinky a lot. Thanks for sharing swatches :) Can’t wait till you do a look using these.

    • And I can’t wait to try them!!! Thanks for commenting!

  8. these are sooo pretty. love smut! you used em yet? any thoughts

    • Nope I was planning on using them today! Smut is so pretty!


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