Another Evil Shades Haul

So I just edited this entire post, hit publish and it published a blank post.  Thanks WordPress for bending me over this Friday afternoon.  ANYWAY…

Awhile back, Andrea of Evil Shades sent me a beautiful blush called Pink Noise.  I swatched it, photographed it & blogged it.  A couple days after that, I went to grab it so I could use it in a look and it was mysteriously missing!  It still hasn’t turned up and Andrea is convinced Sakee stole it.  I was dying to try it so I went ahead and placed an order.  I needed to pick up a full size of Lost Kiss anyway so it worked out.

I picked up samples of Pink Noise, Atomic & Backtalk & Andrea was sweet enough to send me full size jars.   She also included another Deviant Lipstick in Stormy.


Evil Shades Haul


Pink Noise – “Rosy pink with soft orange to pink lit from within glow”

We meet again…   This time you aren’t going anywhere!!!  This is the picture I took the FIRST time I received it.


evil shades blush pink noise packaging

Evil Shades Pink Noise


Backtalk – “Hot bubblegum pink with a soft orange/tangerine shift”

Andrea really has a way with the unexpected color shifts.  I can’t wait to use this in a look!


Evil Shades Backtalk

Evil Shades Backtalk


Atomic – “Hot orange cooled down with a blue shift”

Again with the unexpected color shift…  I just wish I could capture the shifts on camera better.


Evil Shades Atomic

Evil Shades Atomic



Stormy – “A stormy silvered purple with strong green shift”

I haven’t swatched this yet because I loathe arm swatches.  I feel like they never do the lippie justice so I try to avoid them.  I’ll do a look with this absolutely unique color soon.


Evil Shades Stormy


Lost Kiss – “The hardcore version of our Suffocation gloss, a soft fuchsia pink with extreme blue/violet shift”

If you follow my blog you are no stranger to this amazing gloss.  It has quickly become one of my favorite throw on glosses.  I do have an affinity for lippies with a very cool, blue shift or undertone.   I love the packaging on the full size gloss!  It’s amazing on it’s own or layered which is part of the reason I reach for it so often.


Evil Shades Lost Kiss

Evil Shades Lost Kiss closeup


Here’s the Veteran Glam Girl look that I did using Lost Kiss a few weeks ago.


Glamour Doll Eyes FOTD look review swatches Angel Wings Veteran Chocoholic Glam Girl Evil Shades Lost Kiss Colored Gradient Brows asian makeup 1


And here is Lost Kiss layered over Evil Shades Fearless (another one of my faves).  You can really see the blue shift here.


Rihanna music video makeup inspired colorful bright asian cateye fotd look inglot sugarpill dollipop evil shades lost kiss fearless hot pink lips


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  1. I am falling in love with this brand the more I see it! Such great colors and packaging!

    • It’s awesome!!!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the blushes on you! You do amazing eye looks of course (I’ve been sporting purple and blue eyebrows lately thanks to you) but I think you’re my blush goddess! I’ve always had a hard time finding the right blushes and because of you I discovered Bella Bamba and Down Boy, both my new HGs.

    • Omg this comment means so much to me!!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Don’t feel bad those color shifts are illusive to most cameras. I have on occasion managed to catch a bit of them but it’s never true to life.
    Sakee has her own makeup stash somewhere….all those missing colors, she’s got them! :o )

    • LOL yeah she totally has her own stash. Xo!!!

  4. You looks beautiful as ever! Love the bright colors, especially when California is still hot!

    • Thank you!

  5. Yay I love Evil Shades! OMG I need to buy full sized glosses just for that packaging. So cuuuuute. :3

    • Soooooo cute!! Love it!

  6. The blue eyebrows are AMAZING!

    • Thanks babe! You’ve always rocked the colored brows!

  7. BARBIE PINK FOR ME PLZ, fantastic light pink shade!
    That was the post that made my guy friend turn into a total creep btw lol

    • YES so pretty! LOL… Stop pimpin me out!

  8. I need to order me some evil shades cosmetics! You look fierce friend as always! Sheeit I need to catch up on your blog posts! :)

    • Lucky for you I’ve been on a little break lol

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