September Calendar (Upload Your Looks HERE!!)

August had some great themes in it but I seemed to stray from the calendar either because I was busy or for some other reason.  I asked for suggestions for September on Twitter & Facebook just now and I actually got a lot of repeat themes.  This was actually great because I wanted to repeat some themes that I wanted to see looks from.  This is also great because some people are new to the challenge and it’s not like we are going to turn into stone if we do the same theme twice.

As always have fun…  There are no hard and fast rules.  The beauty of the challenge is that everyone seems to interpret themes differently.  I’d love to see some over the top looks this month.  There were some awesome looks last month!!

Heather AKA Sokolum79 did an awesome Unconventional Grunge tutorial.

Barbiedlux did a great rendition of Vintageortacky for Fav Vlogger day.

Wifezilla Hekela did an amazing look inspired by Psylocke for Comic Book day.

Makeup A La Mode chose Gambit for her Comic Book inspired look here.

And here is September’s calendar.  Downloadable calendar is available as always on my Facebook page.

FOTD Challenge Calendar themes makeup fotd inspiration

As far as submitting looks I am trying something different this month.   Below there will be a slideshow of looks that you guys can upload yourself.  This is my first time using this so let me know if there are any issues.  I already can’t center it and you don’t understand how much that irritates me.  Feel free to continue posting links to my Facebook.


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  1. oooh great themes again! have to see wich one i manage to do this month :D love all the looks btw gorgeous!

    • Hope to see more looks from you!

  2. omg can’t wait to see Harajuku and Tim Burton!!!

    • Fun right?!

  3. Now that I see my Gambit look all over again, I wish I would have done it differently! LOL I’m my own worst critic!

    • Oh stop lol… Well Comic Book day is back this month!

  4. Great themes for this month. I love looking at what everyone else has done. I’ve got 4 circled that I want to participate in. Hopefully I wont forget! LOL

    • Stick it in your calendar!! We’d love to see!

  5. I tried uploading my Tequila Sunrise photo but it said exceed memory limit but then below it said your photo was successfully upload, kinda confused but I’ll try again!

    Anyways I just started reading you blog and I love it! And I’m so excited to do some of these looks, definitely motivating me to get creative =)

    • I will check for you! I’m so glad you are reading now!! Welcome!

    • There’s an image that was uploaded 5 or 6 times lol. Was that you? It’s showing…

      • I’m pretty sure I only tried once…where can I see the photos?

        • There’s a slideshow right above where you uploaded the pictures. You can click to fast forward to the next picture.

          • It’s there now yay!! Posted on your FB too =) BTW I’m obsessed with your banner!

          • Awesome!!! Yay thanks!

  6. omg the looks for last month rocked! Everyone did amazing~ Wow. Great ideas for this month too!

    • You need to join us woman!

  7. Wow that’s an original and awesome makeup idea :) seeking the participation of others and all… and your videos are wonderful!

  8. I don’t know what happened to me this month! So bummed, I don’t think I did any of the looks, and I was so looking forward to Tim Burton day! :-/ I went on vacation and just kept it simple the rest of the time … Maybe I’ll do some of the September looks for October! LOL

    • I might reuse some of September for October lol.


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