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Newsprint Nails

I own a dictionary.  I use it quite often.  You can say I have a word fetish.  I thought this “nail look” was quite appropriate for me.  No these aren’t my natural nails.  Take a look at my review on the Cosmar Quik Nails if you haven’t already.

This is actually quite easy to do.  It’s a heck of a lot easier than water marbling I’ll tell you that much.  I do recommend you use a very light, pale base coat to do this.

You will need newspaper clippings of course.  I didn’t want to do a traditional “newsprint look”.  I’m a texture kinda girl so I wanted different layers of print in different sizes and different depths of color.  More of a grungey look as opposed to the usual clean, single print newsprint nail.  The words will transfer backwards so it doesn’t really matter what the words say.


Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette


You are going to need some good ol’ alcohol for this.  I used 91% alcohol.

Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette


Some people recommend putting the alcohol on your actual nail.  I found it easier just to put the clippings in a bowl filled with a little alcohol in it.

Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette


I painted my nails and let them COMPLETELY dry.  This should be common sense but I’m an impatient girl and I’m sure some of you are too.  You will be pushing onto your painted nail with the design so you definitely want to make sure your base color is dry.  I used a basic white polish and a basic black polish, both from Wet n Wild.

Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette


Now the fun part…  Just take a clipping and press down (with the image you want face down of course) HARD on your nail.  The words from the newspaper will transfer onto your nail!  You can opt to stop here and finish it off with a top coat.  I told you I was going for a more grunge look so I kept going, stamping at different angles and using different sized fonts until I got the look I wanted.

Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette


I always seem to like one hand more than the other.  Today, I liked my right hand more.

Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette

Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette

Newsprint newspaper nails tutorial cosmar quik nails nymphette


Hope you guys liked this look!!!  It’s a very fun and quick way to change up your mani!




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  1. My nail art career started and ended with a water marbling tutorial so I’m just going to admire this one from afar. As a fellow book/word junky I think this is a really cool idea – I just wish there was a way to get the words to show up a little darker

    • Awwww water marbling can be discouraging because of how the tutorials can make it look so perfectly easy. This is actually super easy. DO IT!

  2. Nice, stamps would look pretty cool too :)

    • =)

  3. OMG I love this trick!!! Fab nailssssssss….

    • Thanks babe!

  4. I saw that for the first time on a british blogger’s blog and loved it, it’s such a unique idea. I wonder if that works with kawaii-coloured Japanese magazines as well!

    • That would be so awesome if it did work!!!

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