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KIM contacted me about a month ago asking if I would be interested in reviewing their product.  I don’t think I’ve ever explained my process to you guys but when a company contacts me, I check out their website and do some quick googling to see if it would be something worth showing you guys.   Their website is very professional and well laid out so I decided to go ahead and check out their products.

KIM is a line of professional makeup brushes hand crafted by Rekab which is actually a fine art brush company.   They also have an affiliate program and offer wholesale pricing.  The brushes themselves were very sleek and seemed well constructed.  However as I was photographing them, I did notice the ferrule on the foundation brush was loose.

kim brushes review nymphette rekab


Please note that although I am reviewing these brushes for you guys, I don’t feel that I was sent brushes that would be a good indicator to determine if a brush line was any good.   A lip brush is pretty hard to screw up.  I don’t mean to be crass but I think I would be able to get a better feel for the line with an eyeshadow blending brush or something unique to the line.  In other words, I’m reviewing the brushes that I received from my point of view and according to my preferences.  I also feel indifferent about the line right now, neither positive or negative only because I don’t feel it’s fair to make a decision based on these 3 brushes.


The F231 is their Taklon Foundation Brush.  The bristles are very well constructed and feel great besides the ferrule being loose.  Honestly, I don’t use a traditional Foundation Brush because I feel that it gives a streaky finish so I probably won’t even use this brush.  This brush retails for $22.

kim brushes f231 review foundation brush nymphette


The E131 is a small angle eyeshadow brush.  I would totally use this brush for applying eyeshadow to my lower lashline.  I prefer a stiffer, more precise brush for my brows but I know plenty of people who would use this on their brows.  This would also be good for smudging out eyeliner along the lashline.    This brush is only $10.

kim brushes e131 nymphette review  kim brushes handmade e131 review nymphettekim brushes e131 closeup review nymphette



The L311 is their Narrow Lip Brush.  This flat brush would be great for precision lining of the lips.  This brush is an affordable $9.

kim brushes L311 review nymphette
kim brushes L311 review closeup nymphette


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  1. I was also sent their angle eyeshadow brush and their lip brush but I don’t think I will ever use the lip brush, and I would have loved the angle eyeshadow brush to be stiffer, like you said. Still great brushes though!

    • I agree. I just wish they sent different brushes out.

  2. Man I wish they would have sent you more eye brushes. I’m totally with you on foundation brushes. I always have to back with another brush to buff in the color, because I get streaks with the foundation brush. Great review!

    • Absolutely agree. I do have a new favorite foundation brush that I’ll be sharing with you all soon!!

  3. I totally agree with everything you said! Its hard to come to any sorta conclusion on the line with these brush choices… amazing pics!

    • Thanks Sara!!!

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