This is my 2nd day testing the Physicians Formula Correction Powder that I picked up over the weekend with no foundation.  Yesterday I wore it in my “Ethereal” look.  I am pleasantly surprised by this product and honestly would have never bought it had it not been free.  This provides no coverage (it’s not supposed to) but does a nice job of “diffusing” my imperfections and toning down the red in my skin.  There is also no shimmer in it which is nice for when I don’t feel like the Guerlain Meteorites glow.


Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder Buff Beige Closeup


Today I am wearing it with some theBalm Cabana Boy blush and CoverGirl Fairytale.  For some reason I have forgotten about this lippie since I picked it up.  I still think the smell is overbearing and lasts way too long but the lipsticks are still quite nice.  Cabana Boy is another product I haven’t used enough for no reason other than I don’t see it while I’m doing my makeup so I forget about it.  Signs of owning too much makeup…..


This is my “running errands” look but normally I do wear some foundation.  It’s nice not having to wear it though.  Brows, blush & lips….


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  1. I can’t believe you’re not wearing any fdtn here… your skin looks PERFECT.

    • It’s definitely not perfect. =p

  2. Your skin looks flawless!

    • lol it’s not I swear

  3. I agree with everyone. Your skin is SO freaking flawless and I think you could easily leave the house w/o anything on, you still look like a super pretty human being whereas ppl always ask me if I was seriously ill or such if I leave the house w/o mascara.

    • LOL oh shush. You are flawless….

  4. are you in denial that your skin is amazing?! LOL … that lip color is seriously beautiful! i want it!

    • lol hush… all of you… It’s really pretty but boy is that smell annoying to me.

  5. Your skin looks like it’s never had a bad day in its life! It’s absolutely flawless. That’s just with the PF correcting powder and some blush???

    • Yes ma’am. I used the correcting powder to brighten and tone down the red in my skin.

  6. Wow, I wish I looked this nice while running errands. That’s a really pretty lip color on you.

    • Oh please… lol. I’m sure you look better. I wish this lippie didn’t smell off perfumey plastic =/

  7. DAMN this looks really nice…Flawless…and the lip color absolutely amazing what color and brand is it..

    • Thanks. CoverGirl.

  8. you are a fairytale. Wow.i wish i had your hair and face!what do you use on your brows? Im struggling to find a shade for me, i also have black hair.

    • I use WnW’s Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash Brown. <3

    • ^_^ thank youuuuu. will definitely check that out!

  9. wow!! you look flawless! and that lipstick look beautiful on you!
    big hugs <3

  10. The Balm Down Boy looks so good on you. What brush from what brand did you use to apply the blush?

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