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Evil Shades is an indie company that I’ve watched evolve for the last couple of years.  I am so proud to call Andrea my friend.  She is such an asset to both the indie cosmetics world and the beauty blogging community.  She has a fabulous nail blog and I am forever envious of her nails and her ability to paint so perfectly.  I am not blessed with either trait….  If you don’t know Andrea, I suggest you follow her on Twitter and get to know her.

If you look at my older Evil Shades posts, you will notice that she has totally revamped the line with some adorable packaging.  I absolutely adore the little Evil Shades girl!!!   She has also made her website a lot easier to navigate.

This post is simply going to be pictures of the products she has gifted me.  These were not in exchange for a review but of course I will review them in the future.  I will also take swatch pictures.  If you know my blogging style, you know that I pride myself on taking the best swatch pictures I can and I prefer lip swatches which can take a good chunk out of my day.  Anyway enough babbling and on with the makeup porn….


evil shades haul

The Spectrum Palette is a palette of 5 of the Evil Shades Spectrum Pots bases.   Individual Spectrum Pots run $4.50 each so this palette is a great deal at $20.  The Spectrum Pots are a slightly sticky base meant to intensify eyeshadows applied on top of them.  It also gives glitters and the shadows themselves something to “grab onto”.


evil shades spectrum palette

evil shades spectrum palette review


The Deviant Lipsticks are pretty amazing and I can’t wait to try out these newer shades.  She now has samples available for $1.25 and they are in a clamshell which is perfect!!  The full size is $4.25 and they are now in a revamped slimmer black tube.


I am super excited to try the Hardcore Lips because I haven’t tried any yet!   They are described as an intensely pigmented gloss.  They are opaque like a liquid lipstick with the shine of a gloss.  A sample size is only $1.50 and the full size is $5.75.

evil shades hardcore lips anastasia deception
evil shades hardcore lips anastasia deception closeup

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Sample Lost Kiss


There are now 3 sizes available for their eyeshadows.   You can try a sample size eyeshadow for $1.25, a Full Size 5 gram jar (no sifter) for $5 or a 10 gram Pro Size jar (sifter) for $9.  I can’t wait to swatch these!!!  Some of these colors are not available for purchase yet.

evil shades eyeshadows amulet victorian nights conjure singing waters

evil shades eyeshadow victorian night

evil shades eyeshadow conjure

evil shades eyeshadow amulet

Evil Shades Eyeshadow Ninihkihsini Aohkii


I have also never tried any of their blushes.  This is Pink Noise, a beautiful rosy pink.  This color looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the 3 hole sifter jar it comes in!  The blushes also come in 3 sizes; $1.50 for a sample size, $6.50 for a 10 gram Full Size jar & $12.50 for a 20 gram Pro Size jar.

evil shades blush pink noise

evil shades blush pink noise packaging


Ok lovelies, that is it for now but I will back with swatches of everything soon!!!

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  1. Your photography of the products is beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for these. I love the redesign she’s done with the products and the website too! I’m so proud for her.

    • Thank you!!! *tears* I’m so proud of her too!! I love the direction she is going!

      • *Group hug*
        P.S. You are so hired….product photography…WIN!

        • LOL!!!! I’m glad you liked the pics!! *hugs* You are the best!!!

  2. makeup heaven ;) i love evil shades and andrea ;) super super proud of her new site and products! they are amazing!

    • Agreed!!!! Thanks for commenting =p

  3. I love the new packaging sooo much! The colors all look amazing!! I cant wait for swatches and review~~

    • It’s so adorable AND practical! Love!

  4. I can’t wait to see the swatches. Amulet is right up my alley and I imagine it is nothing but beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

    • I’m so excited about Amulet!! Looks soooooo amazing!

  5. Oh man I want some!!! The makeup looks fabulous!!!

    • And prices are so awesome too! Swatches coming sooooooon!

  6. Wow… Amulet and Victorian Night blow me away. The packaging is ADORABLE! As soon as I have some cash I am trying this line out! Thanks for posting this =)

    • You’re welcome! Glad you liked it!

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