Evil Shades Lip Swatches

I’m so excited to share these swatches with you!!  When I am looking for a lipstick swatch, I do 2 things.  I look for lip swatches & a picture of a look using the lippie.  It’s just helpful for me personally SO that’s why when I do swatches of lip products I never do arm swatches.  A little more work but I think it’s absolutely worth it.  For more details on this actual look, check out this blog post.  So let’s get on with the swatches shall we?

Deviant Lipsticks - “Deviant lipstick for deviant lips!   These are non waxy creamy lipsticks, heavy with pigment and moisture.  (Sheer shades and non vegan are noted as such)   They are candy scented because I’m a kid at heart. So go on what is your deviation?  In skinny tubes for precision application (and because they are cute)”

I have always loved her Deviant Lipsticks and I feel like Andrea’s actually improved the formula!  I’m not sure if she actually reformulated these or maybe the new colors are just a better texture.  You’ve probably noticed with cosmetics that sometimes different colors are slightly different in formulation.  Anyway I love that some of these are more matte in finish and they have less slip than they used to.  They are still moisturizing as ever.  Check out this older post with some of her other other Deviant Lipsticks swatched.

Cyanide - “Soft yet bold cadet blue (Think the color of lips with cyanide poisoning, ergo the name)”

This was actually surprisingly wearable.  Well as far as blue lipsticks go….  I really like the matte texture of this one.

sugarpill sweetheart palette dramatic asian makeup evil shades cyanide fotd blue lipstick deviant lipstick

Evil Shades Cyanide Lip Swatch


Just for kicks I put Anastasia on with Cyanide to create a gradient effect.

evil shades anastasia cyanide lip swatch deviant hardcore

Dark Princess – “A bright bold and deep red based purple (Custom created for TheArtisMakeup)”

This is such a pretty, pretty purple.  This is probably over the top for some but I find it completely wearable.  I also love the more matte texture of this lippie.  I find that they are easier to apply smoothly.

Evil Shades Dark Princess FOTD

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Dark Princess


Fearless“Hot, hot neon pink…you’ve got to be fearless to wear this (Blacklight reactive)”

When I took the cap of this lippie, my jaw dropped.  It is definitely neon!!!  It’s like Impassioned neon minus the orange undertones.  And hello?!  Blacklight reactive?  Makes me want to find a club that uses a blacklight…  Amazing texture as well.  I will definitely be reaching for this often.

sugarpill sweetheart dramatic fotd hot pink lips neon evil shades lip swatch deviant lipstick fearless

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Fearless Lip Swatch


Devious Virtue - “Nude with violet pink undertones and subtle gold shimmer”

This color actually surprised me.  I’m more of a bright lip girl but this is a really unique, pretty nude.  It’s kind of mauvey or even lavender but definitely very cool toned.  I actually didn’t notice the shimmer.  I can definitely see myself wearing Devious Virtue.

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Devious Virtue

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Devious Virtue Lip Swatch


Caged Gypsy-  “Deep rose base with glowing pink shimmer.  I’m going to call this a “suede” finish as it has shimmer but has no shiny/glossy finish like a matte.”

This color actually pulled rosy coral on me.  It’s a very pretty color but I’m going to have to play with it more.  I think the eyeshadow was throwing me off because I would never wear these together.  I have nothing even close to this so I’m excited to play with it some more.

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Caged Gypsy

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Caged Gypsy Lip Swatch

Corset - “Deepest defiant blood red creme (Some call it blackened red)”

This is definitely a blood red or maybe even a brick red.  Corset was slightly glossier than the rest.  This also didn’t match my eyeshadow but I can see this being awesome for some other looks.

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Corset FOTD blood red lipstick

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick Corset Lip Swatch


More Synth Glitter Lipstick – “More Synth (named for the one who sparked the idea)- glitter, glitter and more glitter packed neatly into my deviant lipstick base. It applies as a clear base packed full of multi colored glitter.”

This is pretty awesome if you want a moisturizing balm with some multi-colored glitter in it.  You can also apply this over (or I would probably put it under so color doesn’t transfer) another lipstick.

Evil Shades Glitter Lipstick More Synth

Hardcore Lips - “Intensely pigmented gloss.  Extremely pigmented opaque coverage but with the shine of a gloss…these truly are Hardcore!”

I’ve been intrigued by these and I’m so happy I am getting to try them.  I would describe these as a non-sticky, moisturizing liquid lipstick.


Anastasia – “Just like it’s namesake this is a deep, intriguing shade of deep blue based violet, nearly indigo with cyan shimmer that dances through the dark base”

This is such an interesting, beautiful color.  Now I just have to figure out how to wear it!   I did have to layer and play with it a bit to get a smooth application.

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Anastasia

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Anastasia Lip Swatch


Deception - As far as I know, Deception has not been released yet.  It is yet another beautiful & unique shade.  To my eye it is a pinky, nude mauve with gold shimmer.  It’s very wearable and applies like a dream.  It actually looks a lot darker in the tube so “deception” is right.

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Deception

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Deception Lip Swatch


Lost Kiss – “The hardcore version of our Suffocation gloss, a soft fuchsia pink with extreme blue/violet shift”

Ok so I had no idea I was going to love this color as much as I do.  This is more sheer than Anastasia & Deception and makes it amazingly wearable.  It’s this amazing soft pink but the blue shift/sheen makes it out of this world!!!  I’m going to have to pick up a full size of this!!  I’m so happy I was able to pick up on camera how pearlescent this little gem is!

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Lost Kiss

Evil Shades Hardcore Lips Lost Kiss Lip Swatch


I hope you guys enjoyed all my lip swatches!!!  Don’t forget to check out Evil Shades online!!  *goes to put ice on lips*




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  1. Whoa. I love ALL OF THESE on you. Every single one. They’re gorgeous!! I actually have Dark Princess and I love it. It might be dark for some but I don’t mind rocking the darker shades.

    • LOL thanks love!!! Dark Princess really is lovely. I’m definitely going to rock it!!

  2. amazing swatches!!! They all look so pretty! The eyes were perfect with all of them!!! Wow! ummmm and Fearless is mine. That color is fantastic!!!

    • OMG you would love fearless!!! GET IT! The formula is soooo nice too!!!

  3. I really like these!!! Very nice..

    • =)

  4. I love lost kiss.. Do you know how the swatches would look on darker skin? They all look fabulous on you!!!

    • Lost Kiss should work on you… Thanks!

  5. What? 2 color eyebrows? I NEED TO DO THIS.

    • Do iiiiiiiit!

  6. Fearless is definitely my fave, the most perfect pink around.

    Hell this DSLR suits you so well and the make-up is just perfect. Such a cool idea to colour half of your brows with the e/s colour

    • Fearless is amaaaaaazing! Thanks Anna. Such a compliment coming from you! I do <3 my camera.

  7. i always love your lip swatches its gorgeous!! every color look so beautiful on you , you can rock every lippie ;) <3

    • Awww thanks!!!

  8. love these-lovely!…i really like corset.

    • Corset is lovely! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. You look gorgeous with every single one!!! Seriously, you’re one of the few people who can wear any color and look damn good! :) Caged Gypsy, Fearless and Corset are my favorites!

    • Awww thanks love! Those 3 are really pretty!

  10. Corset and anastasia looks fantastic on you! Cool pictures

    • Thanks!




    • That’s so sweet thank you!!

  12. Hi Hun, just want a say: Wow! Everything looks gorg on you!!

    • So sweet… Thanks!

  13. I love those colors! Now I really want to place an evil shades order, if only my wallet was better off.
    Can I just say how pretty, and just cool you are!

    • aw thanks <3

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