Evil Shades Eyeshadow & Blush Swatches

Bear in mind that anything I say in this post is based on me swatching these products.  I haven’t actually tried these products (minus the lip products obviously) yet but I couldn’t wait to show you these swatches.  If you haven’t seen all the images from the Evil Shades products I was gifted, please read this post first.  (It’s makeup porn to the max.  Do it.)

The first item I swatched was the Spectrum Palette.   I was quite curious of how the texture of this was going to be.  Vitrum (white) & Absorbed (black) were quite dry but it actually warmed up nicely on my fingers and applied just fine.  I actually prefer bases not be too creamy because they WILL make my shadows crease. Visible Violet, Photonic Green & Pink Prysm were slightly tackier than the other 2.  I wouldn’t call them sticky per se  but tacky enough that a loose shadow or glitter would stick nicely to it.  I had a slight “issue” (issue sounds so bad but really it wasn’t major) with Visible Violet and Pink Prysm “pilling up” or “balling up” on me.  I just had to blend it out a little more than the other 3.  No big deal.  Of the 5, my favorite in texture was Absorbed.  I also use a black base quite often when I do smokey, dramatic looks.  I love the way a black base transforms an eyeshadow.

Evil Shades Spectrum Palette Swatches review vitrum visible violet photonic green pink prysm absorbed nymphette


Here I demonstrated how the bases can change the appearance of an eyeshadow especially when it has a shift to it or is a duochrome.  I am using ES Victorian Night over all of the bases and just on my bare forearm to show you the difference.  Notice how Absorbed brings out the blue shift in Victorian Night.  It’s amazing what a base can do!

Evil Shades Victorian Night Swatches Over Spectrum Palette swatches


The eyeshadows definitely exceeded my expectations when I swatched them.  ES eyeshadows tend to be more complex than they seem.  They sometimes have a duochrome characteristic to them, a shift in an unexpected color or they look completely different when applied.   I have swatched 4 of Andrea’s eyeshadows here over no base, Vitrum & Absorbed.  I use a white or black base quite often so I thought I would show you guys how it would look.

Victorian Night – “Medium Lavender with teal shimmer & a subtle blue green shift.”  This color is WAY more complex than it looks in the jar.  I can’t wait to play with this color!   I love how it goes from subtle to absolutely unique depending on the base you use.

Conjure – “Stormy sparkling purple – conjures up a mysterious blue shift that floats over the purple base.”  This color is sort of a periwinkle color to me.  Greyish blurple…  It’s amazing over the black base!

Ninihkisini Aohkii (Singing Waters) – Somehow I can see Andrea laughing at me trying to pronounce this and struggling with spelling it every single time I have to type it out.   This color appears to be a greyish blue but turns into a teal color over an black base.  It’s pretty amazing!  From what I know, this color is not available for purchase yet.

Amulet – “Deceptive pink shifting wine – morphs to a deep metallic blackened pink fandango.”   Amulet is Amulet with or without a base.  It’s an amazing wine color.  I thought it would be more red but it definitely leans more to a blackened reddish purple when applied.

Evil Shades Eyeshadow Swatches Over Spectrum Pots vitrum absorbed victorian night conjure amulet ninihkisini aohkii


Wait….  I’m not done with these eyeshadows.  8 times out of 10 I will foil a loose shadow.  You will notice the shift more & the colors are more vibrant when you foil so it just depends on what you are looking for.  It’s amazing how many different colors I got out of these 4 eyeshadows.

Evil Shades Eyeshadow Swatches Foiled victorian night amulet conjure ninihkihsini aohkii singing waters


I have yet to try Pink Noise on my face yet but I’m already convinced I need to try more ES blushes.  The texture is so buttery and pigmented.  The color itself is incredibly unique and I don’t think I fully captured it on camera.

Pink Noise -  “Rosy pink with soft orange to pink lit from within glow.”  Ummm hi who doesn’t want to be lit from within?!  I thought that it would be hard to see the soft orange shift but you can definitely see it.  Soft orange is the perfect description.  It isn’t necessarily coral but it’s not quite orange either.  GORGEOUS!  I wouldn’t call this blush a matte or a shimmer.  It’s more of a satin or pearl finish.  I think I’ll base my whole look around this blush tomorrow.

Evil Shades Blush Swatch Pink Noise


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  1. Whoa. Those are gorgeous, and even more gorgeous foiled. I love the blush, also! The bases are pretty neat and I’m with you, I don’t want a base that’s too creamy.

    • They are aren’t they? Ohhh I cannot wait to try the blush!!!

  2. they are gorgeoussssssss. Amulet must be mine!

    • So pretty right?!


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