An At Home Gel Manicure??

I apologize in advance for such a wordy post that lacks photos.

Not really my style….

So if you saw my water marbling video, you might have noticed that my nails were untypically long.  My nails are extremely soft and flexible making growing them out to anything more than a stub impossible.  This also makes keeping any type of a polish last longer than a day or two pretty difficult.  I like to do fun designs on my nails and so 8 times out of 10 my nails are just bare because it’s not worth all the time to do my nails to have them chip a day later.  I needed a way to be able to keep my designs on a little longer to make it worth my while BUT I didn’t want to get acrylic nails put on at the nail salon.  I find them way to damaging on my nails AND I wanted a thinner, more natural look.

I ended up purchasing the Cosmar Quik Nails Brush-On Gel Nail Kit from my local CVS for about $10.  I apologize for being a bad blogger and not photographing everything that came in the kit (or the box for that matter).  I pretty much ripped the box open like a kid on Christmas morning.  I was ready to have fabulous nails!

The kit was actual pretty simple in theory.  You glue the tips on (I purchased a separate glue because the glue that’s included in these kits is usually shitty), file the tip down, apply a coat of the gel overlay and then apply the gel activator.  I actually found it to be pretty simple just as the directions were.  The most time consuming part is probably filing the tips into the shape you want it and then filing the tips so that it blends into your natural nail.  The gel overlay itself is like trying to use thickened Seche Vite.  Anyone who has ever used SV knows that it will get thick pretty quickly and becomes kind of difficult to work with.  This is kind of what the gel overlay is like.  It’s not the most fun to work with but definitely doable.  The gel activator is like a fresh bottle of SV.  When you apply it to the gel overlay it levels everything out which is pretty awesome.  My first application wasn’t perfect but totally wearable.

Here it is one week later and my nails still look great.  None of my nails are even close to loosening up or popping off.  I removed my polish (using non-acetone remover) today and filed done the gel by my cuticles to make sure they blended in perfectly.  They actually look better now than they did last week to be honest.

I adore the fact that they are strong, not as damaging to my nails and yet very thin and natural looking.  They were also moderately easy to apply and I can see it getting easier each application.  The only negative thing that I can see is that you can’t wear this nail natural.  You must paint them because you can see the seam between the tip and the natural nail no matter how much you file.  It doesn’t help that the tip is not your typical crescent moon shaped tip.  This really doesn’t bother me though because my original plan was to paint over them anyway.  Here’s a picture of my nails after a week of wear.  You can see how the tips show through the gel overlay.


cosmar quik nails brush on gel nail kit at home drugstore do it yourself nymphette


So at the end of the day, I totally would recommend this to somebody who is looking for the same things I was.  I might try the Kiss Lightning Speed Nails kit.  Apparently, it’s a little more difficult to apply but longer lasting?  Don’t get me wrong I’m totally happy with this set but the blogger in me wants to compare the two kits.

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  1. I should get something like this just to put on top of my nails so they will grow and forego the tips. My nails and issues sound just like yours!

    • I’m really enjoying having long nails lol

  2. Im going to try these!! I love nails some of the time and these sound so simple!!

    • They are pretty easy!!!


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