Ideas for August Calendar?

I can’t believe it is already August!!!!  I thought I would create another FOTD Challenge Calendar for the month of August since it seems to be something you guys enjoy!  So for August I wanted to take some suggestions and ideas for themes from you guys since this is for YOU.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the calendar we were using for July…

So please comment below with some themes you would like to see on August’s calendar!  I look forward to all of your looks next month!

Here are some of your looks from July!

Letitia Laura

Celebrity Inspired – Beyonce in “Who Run the World (Girls)” video

Nymphette FOTD Challenge Calendar



Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood Nymphette FOTD Challenge Calendar



Modern Pinup

Modern Pinup Nymphette FOTD Challenge Calendar



Old Hollywood



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  1. Thank you so much for putting my pic up luv! Your da bom! Xoxo….

    • xo!

  2. I want to suggest maybe a renaissance look for one of the days or midieval look.

  3. Mix & Match Eras is a fall back for me whenever my creative juices are running low. Like 60′s eyes with 80′s hair for example. Something like that?

  4. I wish I would have done more looks in July, but I got super lazy! LOL Here are some ideas for August:

    70′s inspired
    80′s inspired
    Favorite Designer (clothes, jewelery, purses)
    Pretty in Pink
    Comics (batman, x-men, heroes/villains, DC/Marvel) sorry i’m a nerd! LOL
    Seasons inspired (fall, summer, winter, spring)
    Favorite Music Video

    okay i’ll stop before I keep on going! LOL

  5. oee thanks for the add lovie! <3 lets think hmm:

    Ocean inspired
    Colored smokey eyes
    Animal inspired
    the 4 elements : water, fire, air, earth


  6. omg seriously!! Your contributions to the calendar were fantastic!! seriously~ I cant wait to see topics on next month and of course wouldnt mind seeing some repeated! They were all so much fun!

    • It was really fun!!!

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