Happy Birthday Tooooo ME

I turned 29 last Thursday and this would

be the only picture I took…


nymphette415 socks heels wedges summer dress

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  1. Happy birthday!

    • thanks!

  2. you look stunning! happy bday eventhough its a bit late ;) xx

    • Thank you love!!!

  3. HAPPY belated birthday :)
    you look superrrr flyyyyy haha!

    • lol thanks!

  4. happy birthdday!

    • thank you so much!!

  5. Happy belated! Love the dress and the shoes!! too cute!

    • Thank you!!!! xo

  6. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!
    29 is a good age. I know you’re probably not looking forward to it, but the 30′s are good years. You’re still very young & juicy, but you gain the wisdom you THOUGHT you had in your 20′s LOL. Love the pic.
    Much Love,

    • I’m actually totally ok with turning 30. 30 is the new 20 right? ;)

  7. LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! your dress/style/etc. I’m jealous of your hair also :]

    • Thanks babes!!!

  8. I dont know where I been… ehhhh eemmmmmm let me turn on my auto tune for this.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOO YOOHOOOOOO

    • LOL thanks!!!!

  9. One pic… Thats all she wrote? So unlike you lol! You look amazing though so Im glad it was a good one! I hope you had an amazing birthday!! Xox – I cant WAIT for next years bday… Im waiting on the “other side” for you lol

    • I KNOW!! I was too busy that night to take any pics. OMG the “other side” HAHAHAH

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