The accidental dupe…

I don’t wear nude lipsticks ever…  You guys know that.  I decided it was time for me to look for a suitable nude for my skintone.  Most people go from nudes to brights but I of course want to go from brights to nudes.  I decided to consult with Ms. Rai of Glam Morena to see what nude lipstick she would recommend for me.  She of course gave me a list of more than I wanted  and it became an obsession over the new Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks.

My original plan was to pick up Delish (the nude) and Divine (a cool toned medium purplish pink quite similar to Up The Amp) but Divine was sold out!!!  After going back and forth looking at the crappy plastic swatches at the bottom of the lipstick cases I decided on Spellbound.

I get home and try on Spellbound.  You can’t see me but I’m making the “I effin did it again” face.   It looks awfully similar to one of my go to lippies, MAC Girl About Town.  SO I went and did an arm swatch and this is what I see…


MAC Girl About Town vs Covergirl Spellbound dupe swatches swatch lipstick comparison


My camera whore of a dog (like mother like doggy) in the background yes but the swatches are ALMOST identical.  GAT is slightly darker and redder if you want to nitpick but honestly they are almost exactly the same.  The texture is quite similar as well.  The only way I could pass a blind test is by smell.  The Covergirl definitely had a strong perfumey candy smell I wasn’t too fond of that lasted way longer than I wanted.   I had to do a lip comparison.


MAC Girl About Town dupe swatch vs Covergirl spellbound swatches drugstore dupe


So one lip is MAC Girl About Town and the other is Covergirl Spellbound….  Which is which?  You tell me..   All I can say is it is pretty damn similar.


MAC Girl About Town vs Covergirl Spellbound packaging tube comparison dupe swatch side by side


MAC GAT looks darker in the tube but when applied they definitely look similar.  So $6.99 for a perfumey version of  $14.50 MAC Girl About Town?   You decide.  I am exchanging Spellbound FYI.


Covergirl Spellbound tube packaging

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  1. Dude nice! That’s awesome! I’m totally going to pick that covergirl dupe up!

    Also, your dog is amazingly cute :)

    • Love that I found it by accident too!!! Hope you like it!

      And thanks!

  2. I’m soooo going back to get Spellbound now. :D

    • LOL glad I can enable YOU

  3. To me they look identical on your lips! That’s neat! I have Girl About Town and love it ;)

    • Crazy right? I LOVE GAT but I don’t need two lol

  4. OMG I found that color lipstick the other day too, I love it!

    • So pretty right?

  5. whats the price difference…i don’t know if we have covergirl in the uk =/ lol

    • I listed the prices in the post actually =)

  6. gorgeous! I am running to make sure I have GAT or I am purchasing for sure!!

  7. ok! I have it, I remembered it brighter than it is.. I will definitley remember to wear it more now! So prettY!

    • LOL yes!!! So pretty!!!

  8. I think the upper Lip is GAT. Correct me, if I’m wrong.
    I see a difference. Spellbound seems cooler than GAT.

  9. I have spellbound and after a while it turns into a diffrent lighter ugly pink taht stais the lips…. I noticed that with Divine as well but when I purchased up the amp it did not turn colors or stain lip. Does girl about town stain lips and fade?

    • It definitely stains my lips but doesn’t fade.

  10. Hello! I love your site. Your skintone is very similar at mine
    what is your foundation shade? your skin tone is warm or cool? you can help a lot! the cool colors look amazing on you!

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