Rapture Day FOTD

Funny I ended up wearing Urban Decay Peace on “Rapture Day”.   For all of those people who thought I was being serious about yesterday probably being our last day here, obviously you are new to following me.   I speak sarcasm and most of you probably know that by now.   AND on to my makeup for the day/night….  Speaking of day vs night makeup, I’m not sure what you guys do but let me explain how I do it.  If I know I am going out for drinks or something in the evening, I already do my makeup with that in mind.  I don’t redo my makeup for the evening.  I feel like that’s a waste of time.  I definitely do some retouching and darken up the crease but that’s about it.   A perk of being in the beauty industry is you never feel like you are wearing too much makeup.  Come to think of it, not sure if that’s a perk or a negative thing.


urban decay peace review fotd look swatch 88 palette feather extensions blue hair gaga lipstick mac


I almost didn’t post this look because I had to take pictures in artificial light and that is something I don’t like especially if I’m blogging a look.  I just don’t like how these pictures came out but how could I not blog about my Rapture look though?


urban decay peace review fotd look swatch 88 palette feather extensions blue hair gaga lipstick mac


I’m wearing Urban Decay Peace on the lid with a random purple from the 88 shimmer palette in my crease and the Navy side of the Hip Duo Magnetic.  I deepened up the crease in the evening with a matte black.   I dabbed some MAC Gaga lipstick on my lips and I am once again wearing my Kiss iEnvy KPE10 lashes.


urban decay peace review fotd look swatch 88 palette feather extensions blue hair gaga lipstick mac


I got a haircut on Wednesday and this picture was taken on a Saturday so my shave is pretty fresh.   I love a fresh cut.


Glad to see you guys are alive and well & still reading my blog.



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  1. Love this look! I think I’ve done something similar with Fishnet and Frigid in the crease. I love the thick lower lid color ;)

    • Ohhh that sounds pretty!!! Love Peace on the lower lashline. So vibrant!

  2. Very Pretty!!!!

    • Thanks Birthday Girl!!!

  3. Ahh Rapture. lol. Jesus would have loved to see you! You look so pretty!

    • HAHAHAH!!! Sara!!!!

  4. Good colours for the last day on earth :D So colourful, though. I’d only wear whites.. I dunno why.

    • Thanks love!!! It’s because you’re an angel!!!

  5. Loving your eyes sick! Amazing shades.

    • Why thank you so much!!!

  6. Very envious of your brows! I love the combo with the lip colour – very cute!

    • Awww thank you! I appreciate it!

  7. MY favorite colors!!!! you go girl!!!!

    • Yaaaaaay!!!

  8. This is a very pretty look for your last day on earth! ;-)

    • Lol thanks! Had to make sure I went out with a bang!

  9. this is such a gorgeous look! the color combination is so pretty!

    btw, i’m a new follower and i love your looks! they’re amazing! :)

    • Yay welcome! Glad you are enjoying! Appreciate it!

  10. Your makeup is just stunning, I love the combination of blue and turquoise, very beautiful! It’s funny people took you seriously lol they will learn! ;)

    • Thanks love!! Yeah people were comforting me etc. LOL. Kinda funny. xo!!

  11. I would SO rock that look for the next apocalypse :)

    gorgeous as always.

    • LMAOOOOO! Thanks!!

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