Are you guys up for a challenge calendar?

So I’m going through my older posts and it reminded me of when I used to make challenge calendars.  Basically there was a different theme or challenge every day and I would use that as inspiration for my makeup that day.  It was fun to think outside the box and do looks I wouldn’t normally do.  A lot of the looks were over the top…  It was also fun because others would participate as well.  This idea originally came from when I used to be a regular poster on Makeupalley’s FOTD Board.

I was thinking about bringing the calendar back!  What do you guys think?

Here is an example of one the calendars.



Here are some of the Challenge looks from myself & others…

Barbie Challenge (from an older calendar)

I was trying to look “fake” and doll-like haha..


Fafi Challenge

fafi makeup look fotd


Old Hollywood Challenge (reader look)

Bollywood Challenge


bollywood makeup look fotd dramatic asian


Let me know if you guys are up for a little challenge.  I’ll make a little calendar for us.  Be sure to comment with some suggestions for themes!!


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  1. I think this is a super fun idea! I love it!!! U have some super ideas on the calendar already. Its a daily reminder to keep doing something different! I wanna participate! lol!! thinking of calendar ideas now…

    • YAY! I’m waaaaaaaiting lol… jk

  2. OMG tough schedule, really, an FOTD every day? WOW respect max :D LOVE YOUR FAFI LOOK!!!!

    • We didn’t really do one everyday… We did what we could when we could. There’s no way I could! lol

  3. absolutely, i love these types of challenges :D

    • Sweet!!!

  4. I think this is an amazing idea. It would be hard to keep up with for some people but if they were able to do it on just the days they could it would still be fun! :)

    • Oh I could never do it everyday lol. It’s fun when you can do it though.

  5. This looks like it would be so much fun. I’d definitely be down to participate. :)

    • YAY good!!!

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