What I am Using Right Now – 2011 edition

Last year I completed this list of products that I was using at the time.  It was actually really cool to see and it’ll be even cooler to compare what I am using now in comparison.  So the products I am using now will be in bold so that we can compare.

Shampoo: TIGI Dumb Blonde still – TIGI Dumb Blonde

Conditioner: TIGI Dumb Blonde still - TIGI Dumb Blonde (if I even use conditioner… perks of having no hair, I used to go through bottles)

Styling products: SAME – Paul Mitchell Dry Wax, Shu Uemura Shape Paste (would love a dupe because it’s way too expensive), Got 2 Be Glued Hairspray (mohawk days)

Shower Gel: LUSH Yummy, Yummy, Yummy – St Ives Oatmeal & Shea butter (ehh it was on sale..  works good enough)

Body moisturiser: Still use coconut oil and sometimes Cerave – Pure Coconut Oil

Deodorant: some Degree for men lol…  I like men’s deodorant – Degree Classic Romance (I think I change deodorants every time I run out)

Fake Tan: It’s just now starting to get nice out FINALLY.  I’ve been using Versaspa self tan system at the tanning salon – nada all though I’m the palest I’ve been in a long time right now

Cleanser: Pond’s Deep Cleanser & Makeup Remover the Cool Cucumber Classic along with my Pretika – Boots Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser

Toner: Ole Henricksen Balancing Cucumber Face Tonic.  I LOVE this toner!  It’s not drying and actually removes the excess makeup I missed cleansing. – Boots Soft & Soothed Gentle Toner (I added this category…  Totally gentle toner for my dry skin)

Exfoliator: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and LUSH Angels on Bare Skin or Dark Angel if my skin needs it. – Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Peeling: Ditto what I said last year – I rarely use peel off masks which I’m assuming “peeling” means

Mask : I actually use LUSH Angels on Bare Skin as a mask too. – Boots Conditioning Clay Mask (I added this category too.  Check out my review.)

Serum: I still use Boots Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum when I remember.  I do use Neutrogena 3-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment pretty religiously.  It keeps my skin nice and clear.  It is a salicylic acid treatment and leaves my skin moisturized and smooth. – Boots Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum

Moisturizer: I changed moisturizers several times in the last year I see but I am now sold on Olay Age Defying Nourishing Night Cream.  It contains BHA’s and leaves my skin so nice!!!  It keeps my normal to dry skin moisturized and clear. – Boots Advanced Hydration Night Cream (for night duh), Boots Triple Action Day Moisture Cream (SPF 15 for day)

Primer: Nada… I’ve decided that primers don’t make enough of a difference for me.  I have a couple that I need to review though. - Used to use Smashbox Photofinish but don’t notice enough of a difference on my skin

Foundation & brush: Hmmmm interesting.  I have gone through a couple foundations since I last reported.  I was loving MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark but it was breaking me out.  I now use and LOVE Mac Face & Body.  This is also my kit foundation – Revlon PhotoReady Natural Beige (When I wear liquid foundation…  I actually prefer to mix this with my moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer), Amazing Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Medium Beige, Lorac ProtecTINT Tawny Temptress (My go to tinted moisturizer especially when the weather is nice)

Concealer: I still use Amazing concealer once in awhile but I’ve been reaching for theBalm concealer more lately.  I don’t use concealer often. – Amazing Cosmetics Medium Beige (I don’t use this everyday)

Powder: I use Guerlain Meteorites in Teint Rose EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Love it! -  Amazing Cosmetics Powder Set (Love that it is a pressed powder but is so finely milled that works like a loose powder)

Blusher: Wow I haven’t used Dainty in forever.  I pretty much use MAC Pink Swoon 80% of the time.  I see I’ve gotten into a blush rut when I’m reading my response from last year. – Ok come on…  I can’t possibly narrow this down to one.  I will go with MAC Mineralize Blush Dainty

Bronzer: I’ve neglected my Cargo bronzer and now use a combination of MAC Sunny By Nature and Too Faced Pink Leopard bronzer.  I might have to dig up that Cargo bronzer now that it’s getting nice out. - Cargo Bronzer Medium (Quite possible the one product I have stuck with for years)

Highlighter: Oh boy…  I don’t think I can narrow down a highlighter.  I use MAC Moon River when I wear Pink Swoon.  I also am now loving theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer!  I probably use those two the most but I rotate highlighters quite a bit.  I still love Brighten,  Pink Leopard Bronzer & Love Rock though.   I also love Perfect Topping and By Candlelight MSFs.  I’m going to go ahead and move on from this category. – Revlon Mineral Finishing Powder Brighten (pink highlighter), Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer (This is too light as a bronzer for me so I use this as a highlight for when I wear bronzer), MAC Mineralize Blush Love Rock (The lighter side makes a great cool toned highlighter)

Eyeshadow base: Still use and love Painterly - MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Eyeshadows: Seriously this is just impossible to answer STILL – Errr…  I pass

Eyeliner: I have gotten lazy it seems.  I no longer use a gel liner because I hate washing the stupid brush.  I now use liquid liner and right now I’m using Lineur Intense although I’m falling out of love with it.  I also use Wet n Wild liquid liner.  I just picked up an ELF liquid liner which I heard was good so I’m crossing my fingers. – Maybelline Gel Liner Blackest Black (Just happened to be using that now after a year of using L’Oreal Hip Liner)

Curler: I use the classic Revlon curler now after a couple seconds under the dryer. – Ugggh mine has magically disappeared.  My next purchase will be the Ardell heated curler.

Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof - Max Factor 2000 Calorie

Lipstick: Looks like I still use and love the same lipsticks.  – Riiiiight.   One lipstick.  I shall go with my current fav MAC Girl About Town.  Somehow I feel guily leaving out Up The Amp, Ruby Woo, Impassioned, Gaga, Rebel, Show Orchid…..

Lipgloss: I still adore Milani Secret and reach for it a lot – Milani Secret (I adore this gloss.  It’s my perfect milky, nude gloss.  It’s also perfect for toning down lipsticks that are too cool.

Nail Colour: HA!  This year I’ve gained an obsession for nail polish so I can no longer answer this question as easily as I did last year. - OPI Done Out In Deco


I would love to see your answers to these questions!!!  Link me if you end up posting this!  I can’t wait to see what things I will still be using in a year.

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  1. I love this post. Its so much fun to look back!!

    • Do it!!!

  2. I love this post! I did it as well on my blog :)

    I am in love with your blog, btw! I love all the looks you do and I think you are seriously talented!

    • Thank you so much!!! I appreciate the sweet words!!! I will check out your post!

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