A week in the life…

… of Nymphette with no camera.   So I’ve been pretty much a failure as a blogger lately and me forgetting my memory card doesn’t help.  Thankfully, I still had (and will always have) my trusty iPhone.  I really hate taking FOTD pictures on my iPhone sooooooo I didn’t really take any.  Sucks because I did some cool looks this week.

I even experimented with a new nail look and of course all I have is an iPhone picture of it.  I actually liked it a lot!!  I used a base of OPI Pandamonium Pink and smudged off some black polish on top of it.

smudged nails art black pink grunge polish

This was a random shot I took on the train on my way to San Francisco.

On Thursday evening I attended a Beautylish private event.  Of course, I forgot my camera soooooo this is the one picture I took.  Hahahahha….  There were a lot of bloggers there so there are plenty of pics from the event.  I will post them as soon as I get a hold of them from everybody.  It was an amazing event!!!  I also ate about 7 mini cupcakes but that’s unimportant.

Obviously, I had to hit the gym and burn off the calories the next morning.  This is one of my favorite machines for it’s versatility especially for my obliques.

AND then I ruined my workout by going RIGHT BACK to the Americano which is the restaurant and bar that served the food for the Beautylish event.  I ordered THIS!!!  Seriously, I don’t even like pizza but this was yuuuuuuuuum.

Hotel Vitale Americano food pizza mushroom truffle

I then ended up at one of my favorite places in SF to get oysters and wine.  It was an amazing day in the city so all signs pointed to the Waterbar!

Waterbar SF San Francisco oysters happy hour wine

Later that evening I went to First Amendment Gallery AKA 1AM to check out the “Outside In” Street Art Exhibition.  Here were some of the pieces I liked the most.

1AM First Amendment grafitti art sf San Francisco street exhibition outside in

1AM First Amendment grafitti art sf San Francisco street exhibition outside in

1AM First Amendment grafitti art sf San Francisco street exhibition outside in

It was so hard to capture the complexity especially on a camera phone.  Here’s a closeup.

1AM First Amendment grafitti art sf San Francisco street exhibition outside in

I ended up booking a room at Hotel Valencia on Santana Row for the weekend for a bit of a change.  Here was my FOTD when I left San Francisco featuring MAC Shimmermoss & Humid.  I don’t reach for green often but this turned out really pretty (and I was so upset I had no cam).

This is before Instagram added a filter to my pictures…

MAC FOTD asian smokey eye green shimmermoss humid

MAC FOTD asian smokey eye green shimmermoss humid

My brush belt just for kicks…

This was the view from my balcony at the hotel.   It was super cute…

The foodie in me HAD to take this picture of one of my fav Vietnamese dishes, Bun Bo Hue.  I often see people tweet or Facebook about Pho and although I’m glad the popularity of Vietnamese food is rising, I hate that Pho is the only dish people seem to now.  Pho is great and all but it  is like our hamburger.  If you can get your hands on some of this, you will NOT be disappointed.

This has got to be my most random post ever but one last photo to send you off…  At&t customers don’t forget to do this to get your free 1,000 rollover minutes.

At&t free rollover minutes iphone 1,000

I have been really slacking on blogging but I am trying to make an effort to become a regular blogger again.  Thank you for stickin around and being patient with me.

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  1. Wow! u busy woman! lol love ya!

    • LOL this is just the stuff I actually took pics of. My life is so damn busy sometimes.

  2. wow, great photos, even if they are taken with an iphone! i hate when i forget my camera, it drives me crazy! all that food looks so good, and that art exhibit is amazing! i was invited to the beautylish event too but unfortately i had classes all day and a test or else i would’ve gone :( can’t wait to see your photos!

    Beauty Bag 411

    • That sucks you couldn’t make it!!! It was a great event! Next time!

  3. Well, you did get some great shots. I was beginning to wonder where you were. I need my Nymphette fix!!! Look forward to seein’ you post again! :D

    • Awww thanks love… I’m working on it ;)

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