Go ahead and scold me…

It’s been WAAAAAAAAAAAY too long since I’ve blogged.  I apologize.  I had a pretty insane December and I am finally back home and settled in.  I have a ton of catching up to do.  What is horrible is I forgot my camera at home so I didn’t get to take pics….  *sighs*  I just wanted to post to say hi and I miss you guys!  Thank goodness for Twitter or you guys would probably think I fell of the face of the earth.  I will be posting some stuff soon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  How was your holiday?  Tweet me @nymphette415.  Let me know how you guys are doing!!!  No lurking for 2011 okay?

Here are some random iPhone pics I twitpic’d recently.  Sorry no real pics…  I hate blogging with camera phone pics but I guess it’s better than nothing.

Haha….  Gift I got.  People can’t help but think of me when they see this word.  Not sure if that’s good or bad.

I’ve been in a nail rut for awhile and this is what they have looked like using the nail plates I purchased weeks ago.

Urban Decay Black Palette & Ransom smokey eye asianThis was my NYE look (pre lashes) using Urban Decay Ransom & the Black Palette.

Urban Decay Ransom & Black Palette FOTD EOTD look smokey eyeSame look…  I wish I had a real camera because this totally doesn’t capture it.

MAC Morange FOTD look swatch lipNew Year’s Day wearing MAC Morange

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box FOTD look asian eye Look using Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box & MAC I Like It Like That

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box EOTD closeup look asianCloseup

Wet n Wild 907c Ultimate Brow Kit Ash BrownFOTD for the trip home.  Using Wet n Wild brow powder in my crease & 907c on lips

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  1. You look amazing in all pictures!! I love the hat lol. Um yes I think of you when I see that word too. You have redefined it! lol!!


    • LOL thanks babe. Better than the other meaning I guess. The other 2 lol….

  2. Yeah your back on your blog!!

    I love the make-up, hat and the earrings

    • Thanks love!!

  3. Love the look! What foundation do you use and what shad??! Your shade is a lot like mine

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