Blogging Etiquette

By no means am I an etiquette or blogging expert for that matter but I definitely do have some pet peeves that I wanted to address.  I’m sure this post might offend some people but that’s the story of my life and hasn’t stopped me before.   I know a lot of bloggers/vloggers that have the same issues so why not just put it out in the air?

  1. The first thing I wanted to bring up is probably in my eyes the most annoying thing EVER!!!!  This is a completely personal opinion and take it how you want it but self promoting on somebody’s blog, YouTube channel, etc is just plain rude…  ESPECIALLY when you have no relationship with this blogger and you are not even commenting on the subject at hand.  I understand it’s hard to promote yourself when you first start blogging but here’s a tip…  be an active member of the blogging community and you will be seen!  Start posting on some of the more active beauty boards, tweet with other beauty bloggers, take a genuine interest in other beauty blogs, subscribe to YouTube channels and simply be active!  Trust me it rubs me the wrong way when you plug yourself on my site or YouTube channel and I have no clue who you are.
  2. This goes along with the first pet peeve but please don’t ask me to follow you, subscribe to you, etc on a comment.  I think this lacks class and 99 times out of 100 goes ignored.  Honestly, I will notice you and I will check out your blog eventually when you are a contributing voice on my YouTube channel or site.  I even take time to look at my Twitter followers and their blogs.  I WILL subscribe when I genuinely take an interest in the blogging style and topics of the individual.   Although this IS my personal opinion, I know for a fact that a lot of people feel the same way.
  3. Don’t steal content.  I mean this should be common sense but apparently it needs to be said.  Be original!  Nobody wants to read the same post on 7 different beauty blogs.  Well I don’t at least….  AND nobody wants their content stolen.   Obviously, if you want to use somebody else’s content, ASK THEM and make sure you credit them.
  4. This goes along with #3 but if you are using images from somebody else’s site, don’t steal bandwidth.   Take the necessary steps so that you are hosting the image yourself.  Hotlinking is NOT HOT…
  5. Another pet peeve of mine is when I get asked questions that were obviously in the post or video.  I can tell you didn’t read it all or watch the entire video.  I don’t expect you watch or read the entire thing but if you have questions???…  that’s what the post or video was for.   Also, read the info box on YouTube videos.  Your question might be answered there.  Bloggers take the time to write for the readers so take the time to appreciate their content.

My blogging etiquette post ended up being a rant…. Sorry.  It just gets annoying after awhile and somebody needs to say it.  I’m sure I will lose some readers from this but this is my opinion.  I know sometimes my personality comes off crass in writing but honestly that’s my personality.

Stay classy.  Stay tactful.  Stay sexy.

PS I love you

PPS I added a “like” feature on my blog posts so you can “like” the content without having to leave a comment.  I guess I should have added a “dislike” one too.  It’s the little heart at the bottom of the post…

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  1. well said!

    • Thank you for commenting =)

  2. the following thing irks the crap outta me too. Seriously don’t ask me to follow you just cause u did. I love getting to know who i’m following rather than just follow random ppl. So kudos for posting this!

    • That shows we have a genuine interest when we do follow you know? Thank you for your comment.

  3. Love you for saying this!

    • LOL xoxo

  4. Agreed! That’s one thing I always try to avoid – yeh i’ll “steal” things like tags, but i pretty much ALWAYS mention who i got it from.

    Self-promotion is okay, if your site says “sure you can link me to your page,etc” … which most people don’t. That’s mostly why i stopped using MySpace – people kept sending me these self-promo msg’s nd expecting an add.

    Some people … lol

    • Thank you for your comment! There’s a thin line between tactful self promoting and just being plain obnoxious.

  5. urgh, I get the self promoting all the time, or the follow me thing. It is super annoying! Great post :)

    • Thank you for your input!! Nice to know I’m not the only person that thinks this…

  6. 100% AGREE!

    • xoxo I’m glad!

  7. Well stated!

    • Thank you very much!!!

  8. How’d you get your lips so deliciously plump?

  9. Im glad u did this post and I couldnt agree more !

    • I’m glad you feel the same! xoxo

  10. Hear Hear!! i dont think it was so much a Rant..Just keepin it Real..Plain and Simple! but Yes! I agree with you, and High Five for posting this ;)

    • XOXO *high fives*

  11. Girl, i couldn’t agree with you more!!! i think ima follow-up on this on my blog and link it to yours .. cool? cuz you know my ass, i always gotta say somethin =P hahaha .. love you babes! xoxo <3

    • HAHAHAH do it, to it! I know you must speak on it!!! LOL… Loves ya!

  12. this is so true!

    • =)

  13. As a new blogger I really appreciate posts like this.

    So many things are new often confusing at this point and I’ve actually googled ‘blogger etiquette’ when I first launched my blog because things that are obvious to seasoned bloggers like yourself is not so obvious to people like me! I don’t even know what hot linking is yet hahha

    It’s great to hear exactly what a respected beauty blogger thinks in this subject. Two thumbs up!

    • We are truly a community and you will see that as you get more involved in blogging. Blogging is truly a full time job of love. I appreciate your feedback and wish you the best of luck. I will go check out your blog now. =) This is exactly what you do to be seen… =p XOXO

    • PS I think it is awesome that you even cared enough to google “blogging etiquette”

  14. Well said!!!
    Keep your personality always on top!!
    Hug from Portugal

    • XOXO

  15. I know I’m late to the game on this, but I just found your blog (thanks to Sara over at TMS :) ), so I’m catching up on your looks and such…I really felt the need to comment here, because although I’m trying to revive my own little blog, I’ve been active around several others for quite a while, and nothing irritates me more than to read through the comments (on here or YT), only to find people promoting themselves incessantly, or asking questions that were obviously answered. Basically…in my verbose sort of way, I’m just trying to say that this post is right on, and also that it gets on readers’ nerves too!
    I look forward to seeing more from you, now that I’ve found my way over to your little part of the interwebs! :) …and I love your hair. Hehehe

    • Yay I’m glad you found me!!! I adore Sara! I appreciate your feedback!

  16. Good post, even though I am only 2 months or so into blogging myself. I really don’t like it when I see someone posted a comment, get excited and find it is someone linking to their own blog asking me to follow them. And see that they aren’t even following me.

    I have a question for you. What are your feelings about people who, for example, go on twitter and ask their followers to “promote” them? I haven’t done that, but I have seen others do it and wondered if that was a tacky thing or not. Not sure of the unspoken rule on asking people to tweet about you.
    ChannelHMC recently posted..5 Minute Makup Challenge? Challenge AcceptedMy Profile

    • Well I mean everything is quite personal I guess and personally I wouldn’t do it but to each his own. <3

      • I understand what you mean. I don’t think bad of those who do that, but I just wondered. I know for myself, I am a bit to shy for that. Also, I figured I’d let my followers decide on their own time, if they want to share my stuff without my asking.

        Thanks for your reply!
        ChannelHMC recently posted..5 Minute Makup Challenge? Challenge AcceptedMy Profile


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