I just had the urge to write so here I am once again blogging something that isn’t makeup related.  Honestly, this whole post is just going to be what you guys like to call a “tease”.  I’m working on a project right now that I’m extremely excited about and I want to tell you guys so bad but I can’t.   This project along with my baby niece and just life has been consuming my life quite a bit.  I promise you guys I will be back blogging more than ever.

And that is my random picture of the day.  I started a Daily Booth account awhile ago and never used it so I decided to attempt to be more active on there.  I have also recently discovered the Instagram app for the  iPhone and it’s just like Daily Booth but for iPhone users.  I must say the Instagram app is much more efficient than the Daily Booth app.  My screenname for Instagram is “nymphette”.  For those of you who don’t know, Daily Booth and Instagram are basically picture based social networking sites.  So if you actually enjoy my random shots of nothing, be sure to follow me on these sites.

*yawns* Anywho, I’m not getting enough sleep lately.  I’m a night owl and apparently being a night owl and tending to a 6 month old doesn’t mix.   I shall attempt to get some shut eye.

Good night beautiful people…

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  1. I love your picture… tending to small children is tiring i have 3 kids two of which are under the age of 3 years old so sleep is something i don’t know much of anymore… but your body does get use to it so don’t worry!

  2. xoxo thank you =)

  3. I love this pic so much! It tells such a story! Gorgeous!

  4. Hey.. random, but i love your tattoo! do you happen to know what font it is?

    • It was originally Scriptina with some tweaks made by the artist.

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