Random pictures from the last few days

I had an amazing last couple of days with the successful Benefit event and my best friend’s wedding reception.  Remember the baby I was watching the last couple of weeks?  That’s her daughter…  It was an emotional, crazy, amazing event and I expected nothing less!  You know my love for taking pictures of nothingness.   Here are some pictures for you guys!

And yes this picture is photoshopped… Save the hate comments.  You know I never heavily photoshop my images.  I just wanted to add some oomph to this boring picture I took on the train ride to San Francisco.

Being a makeup artist  you wear a lot of black when you work but I find that I’m dressed in all black even when I’m not working!!  This picture was a failed attempt at showing you my all black outfit.  So I edited it with my iPhone on an app called PhotoStudio.  I have a little too much fun with all the iPhone Photography apps.

When I got to San Francisco, I attempted to take a picture but all I got was the windy hair in the face look.  Shmexxxy isn’t it?  I used the Diptic app on the iPhone to create the frames in this picture.  I really love the look of sets and so this app has quickly become one of my favs.

This was my outfit for day 1 of the Benefit event.   The shirt is just a plain black tee that I don’t remember buying, skirt is from F21,  fishnets are from Express, long cardigan is from Guess and my flat over the knee boots I got in some boutique in Vegas.  You can’t really see my makeup clearly in the picture but I’m wearing Revlon Matte Really Red which is a dupe for MAC Ruby Woo.

Sorry for this super low quality picture but I wanted to show you guys my bridesmaid dress.  First of all, I think David’s Bridal sucks really hard.  This dress was perfect when I tried it on (just a touch long) but when I ordered it and got my dress in, it was completely unwearable.  Maybe I’m a little bit of a drama queen perfectionist but I was NOT going to wear that dress to a wedding that was totally important to me.  Thank goodness my mother is a wiz with making alterations.  8 hours and 6 fittings later, this was the result.  I can’t wait to see the real photos from the photographer of the wedding!!!

And that concludes my blog post of random pictures…  Hope you guys enjoyed a picture of two.

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  1. you sexy biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you look gorgeous! i loove that first photo you look amazing and your hair looks awesome! that last photo is so pretty too, glad you got it to fit! thank god for mother’s who sew right? :P

    Beauty Bag 411

  3. you look amazing in all picutres!! The iphone apps are super cool! I love playing with images. The black and white and red lips are my favorite!! Glad you had a good weekend!!


  4. Thank you ladies!!! Right back atcha ness. Liana I would have rather gone in my underwear than what the dress looked like lol. Thank you Sara!!! The iPhone apps are addicting haha. xoxo

  5. I still think the same thing I did when I first saw your twitter page the day I have my own collection i am coming right for her to be the face of it.

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