Notice anything different?

So it’s almost 1am and I’ve been sitting in this same exact spot for the last 3 or 4 hours working with Sara AKA The Makeup Snob on  the final site design.  I LOVE IT!!!  Do you guys love it?  Oh and I love Sara!  She is amazing!!  Make sure you check out her blog design site Stylish Blog Design.

So you probably see all those pics on the header of the site…  So you know I am no model and yet my photographer was able to pull some really cool shots out of me!!  You have to be amazing to do that!!  Please check out Eden 08 Photography especially if you are out in Northern California.   This is her Myspace profile as well as her Model Mayhem page.   She is such a doll and it made it so easy to shoot with her.  I was filthy, covered in dirt, had ants crawling allover me, lost my step quite a few times but managed to get some great shots out of it.

I am pretty much deliriously exhausted right now so I won’t post all of the pictures right now but here’s one…

I will post more when I get the chance! Busy, busy next couple of days for me.

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    And I’m LOVING the new site!
    Way to go girl, thank you for putting in so much work just to please all of us – I definitely appreciate it so THANK YOU!

    • YAY thank you so much!!! This is definitely a job of love! xoxo thanks for the support!

  2. you looks awesome :) love the blog design and model or no model you sure did a great job!

    • Awwww thanks!!

  3. The site looks fantastic. Sara is great at designs.

    Loving the header you look AH-MAZING!! xo

    • Ahhhhh thanks! I’m glad you love it! Sara is THE BEST!

    • Thank you LaaLaa!! xoxo!

  4. You constantly say you are not a model… but I think you are the only one you convinced of that. Your pics are Damn good…. And as soon as i can get you to stay in one place I will be shooting with you too…Great work once again

    • Awwwwww *blushes*… Thank you =). Thank you for your input throughout the “process”.

  5. wow i love the new layout and the banner looks great! you look gorgeous and hardcore in all your pics :)

    • Why thank you missy! xoxo

  6. That’s so pretty! Your pink skirt is CRAZY CUTE! :D

    • I made it ;)

  7. OMG you look gorgeous, but that’s all the time. I really love the photos and the site looks great! congrats! keep it coming. I love your blog and looks! <3

    • Awww thanks doll!!! Such a compliment coming from you!!! xoxo

  8. Thank you so much! I love your site as well! You look amazing in your photoshoot!! xoxo!

    • MUAH!!!!

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