Video – Curling Stubborn Lashes and FOTD

Oh how I love “I Like It Like That” lipstick… *sighs* I wish I bought a backup but knowing MAC, it will be back soon enough.

I Like it Like That Physician's Formula Pop Green eyes

I’m using the Physician’s Formula Pop Green palette for this look.  Also, Pink Swoon has quickly become my everyday blush!

I Like it Like That Physician's Formula Pop Green eyes

The quality of this palette is quite impressive.  SUPER easy to blend!!

I Like it Like That Physician's Formula Pop Green eyes

Excuse the camera whoring…  The lighting is really awesome today.

I Like it Like That Physician's Formula Pop Green eyes

Here is a before and after of my lashes after using my “curling technique”…

So you can see that you CAN’T see my lashes here.  They actually have mascara in them, it’s just that they are bone straight.

This is after curling and using Falsies Waterproof Mascara.

Here is the link to the tutorial

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  1. I really wanna see this video but…. I can’t. Because of the music copyright issue (if you use any music in your video on YT, I can’t watch it) here in Germany:(As asian girl, who also have straight lashes like yours, wanna really know how you do it. Oh well, maybe next time:(

    • Hmmmm that video doesn’t have any copyright issues whatsoever…. Odd.

  2. Same as you, I can only use waterproof mascara or else my lashes will fall stick straight again. I think it’s because nearly all do not (and should not) contain water as an ingredient, as opposed to regular mascara. The same rule applies in my case: the moment water touches my lashes, they go straight. And even though they say they’re waterproof, I have yet to find one that will last through a shower.

    • That’s funny because I was just thinking I love this mascara but jeez it is so hard to remove!!! LOL

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