CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

So the Aveeno moisturizer is probably awesome for somebody with normal to oily skin but unfortunately it was not moisturizing enough for me.  So I started my search for a something that would help my dry skin.  I ended up buying the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream which honestly I would probably pass up every single time (and so would you) because of it’s “boring” label and tub packaging.  I happened to have read a couple reviews on this on MakeupAlley and thought I would give it a whirl.  The tub is a huge 16 oz container and it was on sale for $14 at CVS.  I scooped some product into 2 old glass moisturizer containers and kept the rest in the tub for body lotion (I still have 75% of the tub left).

What’s interesting about this product is that you can use it on your body and face since it is non-comedogenic.  I can see this being a huge plus for men!!!  It is a nice thick, white cream with no fragrance to it.  It doesn’t smell the best but I don’t really detect much of a smell when I apply it.  Think Eucerin…  It absorbed pretty quickly and was not the least bit oily.  It’s patented formula is supposed to release ceramides throughout the day (or night since it doesn’t have SPF) to keep your skin nice and hydrated.  This cream is meant to repair your skin while creating a barrier from “the elements”.  The most amazing thing about this cream is what it did for my skin.  I don’t know if my hectic schedule with traveling did it but my skin hasn’t looked the best lately.  I had the normal hormonal breakouts around my chin but multiplied by 3!!!  I don’t normally breakout so I don’t have any “zit cream” handy.  Call me crazy but after ONE DAY of using this all my breakouts pretty much dried up!  After day 3 all signs of the horrible breakout were gone.  I am going to keep using this and hopefully it will help with any potential breakouts that I might get.

Do any of you use this?  I would love to hear how your skin liked it.  I realize everybody is different but hopefully this will help somebody out.

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