New Video – Napa CCO Haul & MAC Cremesheen Glass Dupe

I went to the Napa CCO today instead of the Vacaville one that I normally go to.  I was told they were much nicer, more knowledgeable and they simply had more product and ALL of that was true.  I will definitely be back there soon.  I only brought home 3 things and somehow spent $100.

I am now too tan for my Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus which is a bummer because I just bought this but I was pretty happy when I saw this (left in picture) there.  This is Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark & Shimmer.  It’s basically a darker MSFN than what I normally use plus a shimmer/highlighting side.  I’m glad I grabbed this because it was $18.75 and I would have bought one at the MAC counter anyway but for $26.  I’m hoping it’s a color match but if it’s not I’m sure I will tan enough to match it knowing my skin.

I also picked up Sunny By Nature Mineralize Skinfinish for $19.  This is the least shimmery MSF I have seen, it actually looks like the MSF Natural but with some slight pinkish gold veining.  I have been really faithful to my Cargo bronzer for years but sometimes I want a more matte bronzer so I’m hoping this is the ticket.

I was pretty much done with the place when my girlfriend screams, “OMG Fafi!!!”.  I turn around and she’s holding up the Mac tote bag from the Fafi collection!!!  Of course, I couldn’t resist!!!  It was $48 but I needed it.  It was pretty big so you can see it better on the haul video but here is the pattern.

If you are in Northern California, please check this CCO out!  They have a ton of stuff, A TON!

I also touched upon the Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Lilac Pastelle in the video.  I LOVE it!!  I wore it today and by the end of your little trip, my girlfriend had to stop at Target to snag one.

They really do remind me a lot of the Cremesheen Glasses but waaaaaaaaay more opaque and pigmented!

Here’s the link to the video.

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