FINALLY my backpiece is done…

I am so exhausted right now.  I was at the tattoo shop for 7 or 8 hours today.  I just showered all the ink and gunk of off me and took some pictures (with selftimer so it was sort of challenging) and thought I would share.  Click here to see how my tattoo even got to this point.  This was my 3rd and final session.  I have endured a total of  about 11 hours on this piece and although I love it… I AM GLAD IT IS OVER.  For some reason I thought this session would be a piece of cake because my last session was so painful.  LIES!!!  The rib work and Lower back & sides killed me.

Not really the best shot but I was literally too tired to care at this point.

Here’s a better shot of the oh so painful rib work.

I ended up getting another small tattoo once my backpiece was done.  It was a simple word that signifies this time in my life.  I really love it.  It’s so small and simple but I adore it.   I swear I didn’t even feel this tattoo.

I look exhausted here.  Whatever.

For those of you who have asked me who my artist was, it is Mikey Dewitt of Sub Q in Sacramento.  He is such an amazing artist and so down to earth.  Mikey if you see this thank you sooooooooo much.  You are the best!

Night gorgeous people.


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