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I ran by Walgreens today after a nice bowl of Pho at lunch and of course I had to check out the cosmetics aisle.  No spectacular sales going on but anytime I am at Walgreens I check out the Wet n Wild section.  I couldn’t help but notice that the big, chunky Ultimate Expressions Palettes were gone!!  The infamous Sandcastle Palette was nowhere to be found and I hadn’t gotten a chance to pick it up.  I always procrastinate when it comes to neutrals.  So I saw this new (new to me at least) Wet n Wild line called coloricon and thought I would give them a shot before they disappeared on me too.  I picked up 2 single shadows and a palette.



I picked up a very neutral, matte shade that is close to my skin color called Brulee.  It is super velvety and pigmented for a matte shadow and I am REALLY impressed.  I have only swatched it but I can usually tell if a shadow is chalky just from the swatch.  I can already tell that I will be using this shadow quite a bit and I can’t wait to try it.



Nutty is a gorgeous taupey brown with some silver undertones to it.  SO PRETTY!  I can see this color working for almost any skintone or eye color.  I also think it’ll pair well a lot of different color shadows like purples, browns, greens, charcoals and blacks.  It is shimmery but not overly so and it has a nice sheen to it.  It is also not overly frosty in my opinion.  I am amazed by the texture of the eyeshadow.  Did I mention these singles were $1.99?!?  The singles are currently available in 7 different shades.  The packaging on these are ehh but it was 2 bucks so I didn’t expect them to be extravagant.  They aren’t bulky or gaudy whatsoever at least.



Here are the swatches in natural light.  It is a little hard to see Brulee since it is so close to my skintone but you can see that it is very pigmented for a light, matte shadow.





Lust is a palette of 6 eyeshadows, 3 coordinating mattes and 3 “highly-pigmented effect shades” AKA shimmers.  These palettes are $4.99 which is a steal for 6 shadows.  Toss the brushes of course….  The 3 mattes are again very velvety for being mattes.  There is a creamy, light pink color that I assume they meant for as a highlight color but it just might be too pigmented for my browbone.  I will have to experiment and see.  Again this very light color shows up very pigmented.  The lid color is a medium plum color and the darkest shade is a black plum.  It almost looks like the outside of a black plum.  It does lose a little of the plummy color when swatched but still definitely has a purple undertone.  I think the 3 coordinate perfectly together.



Unfortunately, the 3 shimmery shades didn’t impress me as much.  The lightest shade is a cream, slightly peachy matte base with sparkles in it.  The sparkles aren’t “Urban Decay” overkill but we’ll see when I try it.  The deep purple shade applied more like a matte black base with purple shimmer.  Hmmm it looks a little reminiscent of MAC Beauty Marked or less shimmery version of Young Punk.  This is probably the chalkiest eyeshadow of my haul.  I can live without it since I do have several colors that are similar.  The winner of the 3 is the last bluish, gunmetal shadow.  I have been looking for a shade like this and it is actually what caught my eye when I was deciding what palette to get.  This is my kind of finish, not overly glittery or frosty but very interesting nevertheless.  I see some purple undertones in it too. The $4.99 price tag is well worth it for this palette even if there are a couple shades that aren’t unique in my stash.



If you haven’t bought any Wet n Wild in awhile because the brand makes you cringe from thoughts of your high school days, I would definitely recommend you give them a shot.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

I will play with these a little more and do a look soon… hopefully a video.


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