My first LUSH experience…

If you guys follow me on Twitter, you know that I had my first LUSH experience today. I normally sort of just walk by them not really noticing the products but I do remember the divine smell. When you walk in it’s almost like a candy store/ arts and crafts supply… Almost everything in there is displayed out in the open and unpackaged. Most things are unrecognizable and you definitely need a good salesperson to navigate the strange looking products. I had already knew what I was coming to check out but I definitely had a good time checking everything out. I think this marks the beginning of a new obsession for me…

I picked up a couple bath bombs that aren’t pictured in my haul picture.  I really wish I didn’t like these as much as I do being that they aren’t the cheapest things.  I can’t lie…  my whole place smells like cotton candy right now from a bath taken over an hour ago.  The smell just penetrates the skin so well that you will be smelling edible for quite awhile!!  This little treat was $6.95…  Eh consider it a little treat when you want to take a well deserved break from life.

Ok now what in the world is that?  I’m supposed to put that on my face?!?   If I saw a picture of this, I would think it was some type of really healthy cookie dough…  It’s actually Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, their best selling cleanser.  It’s kaolin clay base is supposed to deep clean the pores and skin.  It also contains finely ground almond which gently exfoliates the skin.  Like all of their products, it is made from organic, fresh ingredients and is made by hand.  I am really excited to try this.  You can purchase as much as you want and I bought about $4 worth to try out.  This is what’s in the plastic tub pictured above.

I am a self-proclaimed lip balm/treatment junkie!!!  Its a sickness really…  I need to stop.  I blogged about finding A&D ointment was the perfect treatment for my lips but about a week ago it just stopped working!!!  And I was doing sooooo good.  I picked up Korres Lip Butter a couple weeks ago and I do like it but it’s more of a keep your lips soft as opposed to treat your chapped lips.  I’ve heard some positive things about the Lip Service and Honey Trap balms so I thought I would try.  I’ll have to keep you posted on these.  Lip Service is supposed to be more of a treatment balm while Honey Trap was just a must for me…  it’s described as a honey and vanilla frosting!!  I’m a sucker for these things, I know.  AND it tastes like white chocolate and vanilla…  They were $6.95 a piece.

The 2 jars pictured above are actually 2 sample masks that she just threw in.  They are both facial masks and they sound quite enticing from the reviews I read on Makeupalley.  They aren’t listed on the site for some reason.  I got the Sacred Truth Fresh Mask and the Ayesha Fresh Face Mask.  They both need to be refrigerated and only last 2 weeks I believe.

Anyway, I’m afraid I am going to love these products and I will have yet another obsession chipping away at my bank account.  Glowing skin is worth it right?!

Do you guys have any favorites from LUSH?  Do share.

UPDATE :  Ok so I was 5 seconds away from my cozy bed but after using the cleanser I HAD to update you before I went to bed.  I feel like I just had a facial!!!  You know the feeling you have right after a facial where your skin feels invigorated??!…  That’s how my skin feels right now.  Its a really light exfoliant but I really feel like it really stimulated my skin and got the blood flowing.  My skin is super soft right now!!  Anywho, just a really quick update.  I’m sure I will have more to say on this.

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  1. I went last Sunday to Lush, my first time ever! And I’ve been loving it!! Great products!!

    • YES!!


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