LUSH take 2…

Ok so here’s my face palm of the day…  So as you know Monday night I went to LUSH and picked up a couple of things including Angels on Bare Skin cleanser.  I literally fell in love after just one use!  Almost immediately my skin was radiant, my skin felt soft and my skin just felt invigorated.  Sooo the next morning I wake up and look in the mirror and I couldn’t stop staring at my skin!  I was so excited that I wanted to package some up so my girlfriend could try it….  Well as I grabbed a piece for her the whole container of AOBS dumped right into the toilet!  FAIL!!!   I felt like I dropped my crack into the toilet seriously!  I think I might have cussed out loud.  Then I started laughing…  that’s what I get for being so vain!

So I was back at LUSH within an hour of the tragedy.  I was hoping the same helpful Sales Associate was there and she was.  She totally sympathized for me even though I was a complete dork for doing it.  She ended up giving me a $10 free product coupon with a purchase of $25.  I had my little 3 year old girl with me and I’m afraid she might like LUSH more than me!!  She grabbed a basket and picked up 3 bubble bars and I grabbed the Eau Roma Water Toner and $10 worth of AOBS.

The Eau Roma Water Toner is made of Rose and Lavender waters.  I will keep you posted on this one but so far after one use it’s a really refreshing, gentle toner that smells really calming.  I found that most of the LUSH products I have tried smell very spa like and “Aveda-ish”.

So I used AOBS again last night and followed up with the Eau Roma and my skin was literally glowing.  My moisturizer felt so nice after that combo and seemed to absorb into my skin instantly.  To be fair, my skin wasn’t horrible to begin with but for the last month I had some breakouts on my chin and scarring that was become a real nuisance.  I woke up today and my skin is completely clear and the light scarring was almost gone!!!  I also have redness around my nose area and I noticed it was noticeably less red.  I didn’t feel like my skin was dull before but after using these products I realized maybe my skin wasn’t at it’s best.  I even took pictures of my naked face to show you guys!!  It doesn’t capture all of it but I think you can kind of see.  I really wish I had a taken a before picture but I didn’t think this would make such a difference in my skin!!  And here is my not so sexy naked face picture…  I look 12.  Something is really unnerving about posting my naked face online…

My face is a little flush in the picture just like how my face is after I get a facial.  You can see the little bit of scarring left on my chin.  Hopefully they will be gone soon!  You can’t really see in the picture but my skin had a nice sheen to it, the kind of sheen I strive to get with makeup all the time (I.E. Beauty Powders, Strobe Cream, etc.).

I LOVE that LUSH is so generous with their samples (or maybe it’s because I’ve been in twice in under 24 hours).  They gave me generous samples of Aqua Marina Cleanser (which I’m drying to try), Vanilla Delite Body Lotion and Bohemian Soap (I’m actually surprised how much I like the smell of this).

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