Final update on Angels on Bare Skin & LUSH mini haul

Ok I will shut up about this after this…  I’ll try at least.  If you guys follow me on Twitter than you’ve probably heard me raving about this over… and over… and over.  Its been 5 days and I’m a full on LUSH convert.  I’ve noticed some awesome results in my skin but obviously your results will vary.  My skin is normal to dry and this has definitely helped with my overall dryness.  It’s a very nice and gentle exfoliant and cleanser (I verified today it was ok for use everyday).  It has cleared up my annoying hormonal breakout, almost cleared up my little bit of scarring on my chin from the breakout, helped with blackheads on my nose, reduced redness around my nose and has just improved my skin overall.  My skin is just glowing, dewy and supple.  I feel like I’m having a mini spa treatment every single time I wash my face.  Yes it is a little bit more work than your typical cleanser but it’s well worth it in my opinion.  I even find that I’m using half the amount of mineral foundation that I normally use!!!

Obviously, everybody has different skin but based on my experience with AOBS I recommend that you guys go in and get some testers of their cleansers.  I tried Aqua Marina and found it a touch drying because of the calamine in it.  They are really giving when it comes to testers so I would pop in and check some stuff out (maybe too giving =/)  I also tried the Sacred Truth Bioface Mask and I liked it.  It worked well to cleanse the pores since it is a clay mask but less drying than your typical clay mask.  Still though, AOBS has impressed me the most.

I picked up Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Shower Cream Wash and OH MY GOODNESS…  I want to jump in the shower right now seriously.  I probably am right after I publish this post.  I want to EAT THIS!!!  I bought this because I was looking for a body wash/soap that has a scent that lasts and supposedly this was it.  We shall see… =p

I also picked up Candy Fluff which is a scented, dusting powder with some shimmer to it.  I am not a huge shimmer person so I was a little reluctant but when I played with the tester it didn’t seem too bad.  I really love the smell of it so I thought I would give it a shot.  It gets super hot here in the summer so this will keep me nice and dry all over and smelling yummy!!    I also heard it’s great as a dry shampoo!  Yay I’m excited!

I will update you on the Lip Service and Honey Trap I bought in another post.  I want to take a shower now!!!!

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