"You are Asian? Yes you are definitely warm toned.."

Oh bologna…  So as a neutral cool toned person of Asian descent, I wanted to touch upon this subject that honestly irks me quite a bit.  Ok yes I know that there most Asians have a fair amount of yellow to their skin but that does not automatically mean that we are all warm!  The color of our skin does not determine whether we are warm or cool but rather what our undertones are.   AND there are cool yellows and warm yellows!  Determining your undertones isn’t always an easy task even for the trained eye ESPECIALLY for determining Asian skintones.  Anything that is published to help with determining whether you are warm or cool is generally written for the rest of the world and you will often see that Asian = warm in most of these.  What really helped me in determining my own undertones was pictures…  I know that sounds odd but pictures helped me look at my own skin from another point of view.  Looking at pictures of myself in natural light really helped me see the pink undertones in my skin that I couldn’t see in the mirror.  Even more helpful is pictures with other people.  It is the same idea as putting a white paper next to your face which is common advice except you can compare your own skintones next to others.

Without getting to far into the subject, I just wanted to graze upon this topic because I do get quite irritated when people tell me that I am warm simply because they see that I am Asian.  This was sort of a rant as well as a PSA for those of you who are of Asian descent that have been told that they were warm toned.  You just might be warm but you also very well might be cool.

End rant.  Go purple lipstick!

PS.  This doesn’t mean I will give up my orange lipsticks….  or any lipsticks for that matter.



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  1. I really like your idea of looking at skin tones in photographs, and in addition in comparison to others. I have always seen my skin as having a lot of yellow with warm tones. Something that I didn’t realize until reading this is dramatically confirmed in photographs including others! “Neat” :)

    Also, I too have noticed that, without fail, “Asian” has been synonymous with “yellow + warm”. Thank you for pointing out one of the fallacies in having “rules” of beauty!

    (I just found your blog today, and love your pictures! You’ve now been bookmarked)
    Christina recently posted..Lime Crime “Milky Ways” Nail Polish Swatch & ReviewMy Profile

    • It seems so simple but a lot of times you don’t think to compare to others. Glad you found me!!! <3 Thanks for the support!

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