Physician’s Formula Gel Liner Swatches




OH MY GOODNESS!  What a pleasant surprise I just had!  I was going to wait until I applied this on my eye to post these but I couldn’t wait.  I wanted you guys to see these swatches!!!  I’m seriously doing a happy dance for the black liners…


The black liners totally deceived me!  I thought that they would be the same but they have different colored glitter in them.  You don’t see this until you actually swatch them.  First, here are the swatches.  The first picture is with flash and the second is without.  The flash shows the glitter better but the other picture is truer to life in color.  First row is the green set and the second row is the blue set.  If you didn’t read my previous entry on these liners click here.




So I’m not sure if you can see but the “green” black has green glitter in it while the “blue” black has gorgeous blue glitter in it.


“Green” Black

“Blue” Black

The purple liner has a gorgeous blue undertone to it.  I can see this making a great base for a purple look.  The green liner is a little yellow toned in my opinion, a color that I generally avoid.  We will see…  this could make a good base too.  Actually, they all would.  The “brown” liner is actually more of a bronze and has a very cool pearly sheen to it while the other colors are quite flat.  The blue does have purple undertones to it and has a little shimmer to it.  The 2 black liners have the most shimmer by far.

Enjoy guys!  Phyrra let me know if that is a good enough comparison of the two blacks.  I actually took the pictures before seeing your comment.

P.S. I will still post some pictures of me actually wearing these liners if I can get over these swatches!!!


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