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Ahhhhhh…  Nothing like some MAC retail therapy.  So I wanted to check out the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick AND Show Orchid from the Riveting Collection.  I ended up getting both and True Babe Lipglass from the Riveting collection.  I don’t remember the last time I even bought a lipglass but this one definitely shouted “TRY ME ON”.



Let’s start with the Gaga lipstick.  It is a lustre which I wasn’t too excited about since I like very pigmented, opaque lipsticks.  So I put this on and I thought about it for a whole 3 seconds before I decided I would buy it.  Yes it is sheer but it is also buildable.  I also liked how it looked sheer.  I have been looking for the perfect bubblegum, barbie pink and I think I found it!!!  I know some think this is way too cool but I love it!!!  Not to mention it IS a Gaga lipstick…  That and it is for a good cause?  I was sold.





Show Orchid is actually a Pro color but I’m so glad it is being repromoted (again) in a collection.  This color is definitely not for the faint of heart.   Very bold, edgy fuschia with blue undertones.  It has a blue sheen to it that is hard to describe.  It is bright, almost NEON and I loooooooove it!!  It does stain like most of the bolder MAC lipsticks do.  This is an Amplified Creme which is my favorite MAC finish.

Lipstick is a little much with the eye makeup but you get the idea…



My bad side (that you guys never see)




Hmmm…  I spy a possible dupe here.  What do you think?



That is Wet ‘n’ Wild 521A.  Pretty close huh?  Show Orchid is definitely more pigmented though but for $.99 that dupe is worth checking out.

True Babe is a very bright pink with blue undertones as well.  I wasn’t expecting it to be pigmented but it can definitely stand alone!  It has a very creamy look and reminds me of a liquid lipstick as opposed to a lipglass.  Despite it’s creamy look, it is just as sticky as any other lipglass.  It literally looks like liquid, pink latex on lips…  So shiny and bright.





So I think I said in my last lip swatch post that I was going to take a break from buying lippies for awhile.  FAIL.  So let’s try this again…  Take 2.



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