Hard Candy Painted Lady Lipstick – Perfect 10



I finally got a chance to pick up something from the Hard Candy line since it has teamed up with Walmart.  I picked up a Painted Lady Lipstick in Perfect 10 for $6.  On the Hard Candy website, it is described with words such as “manic shine, intense color” and  “a creamy, long lasting lip color”.  It is definitely very glossy but because of that, it doesn’t last very long on.  Think slimshine…  And I definitely wouldn’t call the shade I got intense color whatsoever.  In fact, I had to “nude out” my lips with concealer before applying Perfect 10 in order for it to show.  I do have pretty pigmented lips though.


The packaging is sort of trendy and sort of kitsch at the same time.  I mean it was $6, I didn’t expect sleek Christian Dior packaging.  The mechanism that makes the actual product come in and out of the tube seems poorly made.  It’s also really soft because of the glossy formula so you definitely don’t want to leave these in your car.  The ribbon thing on the end is supposed to be trendy but I find it annoying to be honest.  Also, you can’t store it standing upright because of the ribbon.



The lipstick itself feels really nice on my lips.  It does have a little bit of that cheap lipstick smell but it goes away relatively quickly.  It is pretty sheer since I had to use concealer first for it to show but the end result was a pretty, pink nude.  I like it enough to finish the tube but ideally I don’t want to have two steps to my lip routine for a simple nude.



I would show you a full face like I normally do but a pimple decided to appear to ruin my week.  It’s pretty bad when your 3 year old toddler comes up to you and pushes on your pimple like it is a button.




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