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So Fafi day is coming up on the Challenge Calendar and I thought I would share my little piece of artwork with you.  I know it’s a little off topic but tattoos are beauty related to me!!!

Fafi is a French artist who helped jump start a new “graphic language” with her sexy, sassy, funny and aggressive female characters.  She is a major influence in the graffiti art and fine art world.  She is totally inspiring to me and her images convey “girl power” to me in a way that I wanted it to be a part of me…  as a tattoo.

Here are my 2 inspiration pictures for my design.


I thought this picture was so rad.  She is beautiful yet she looks

a little mean and aggressive which I wanted in the image.


I figured this was something that was going to be on

me a long time so I decided she shouldn’t wear

any clothes that I might not like in 10 years.  I decided

she should be almost naked!  I love the body position of

the figure on the right.


So with two pictures and an already existing japanese style tattoo on my back, I didn’t want to get my hopes up on the tattoo artist actually being able to create a cohesive image.  My artist went above and beyond my expectations!!  I was tattooed by Mikey Dewitt of Sub Q in Sacramento, CA.  He looked at my current tattoo and wasn’t the least bit worried.  Might I add that several artists have looked at my old tattoo and all of them seemed apprehensive.  It was a difficult project being that my current tattoo was a coverup of a previous tattoo so it was solid black.  Thank goodness it had faded some.  I was sold!

Here was the roughdraft drawing he created before we got started…


First Session – About 4 hours

You can see the old tattoo here.


Second Session – About another 4 hours

This session was hell!  It really, really hurt but I wanted to get it over with and do as much as possible.


mikey dewitt fafi tattoo japanese


Thankfully, I have only one more session left and it should be a short one.  Thanks for looking guys!


EDIT Click here for post on my finished piece.

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  1. SO COOL, I respect ppl who get their full backs tattooed. I myself have only two tattoos, wrist and upper back, but when I go back to Japan, I’ll maks sure to get ahuuuge calligraphy tat done on my back. I love Fafi style and it so suits you, I love the colours

    • Thanks love!!! I would love to get a tattoo in Japan! Awesome!

  2. I always love seeing pics of your tattoo!

    • Thanks! Where have you been stranger!?

  3. just wondering with yoru tattoo that you covered up, did u have it removed first?

    cause the color looks similar to my huge blue birthmark i have on my back

    i really want to use the blue shade of my birthmark and intertwine a design over it, but im not sure if it would turn out nice

    • No I did not have it removed actually… I would consult with an experienced tattoo artist.

  4. I luv it….tats represnt the person with them….that says a lot about you…Im impressed with everything it says…cant wait to see what you do next…

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