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You guys know my hair is pretty short, well it’s really short.  I try to not let it limit the hairstyles I can do but it gets a little difficult since my sides are super short.  I don’t really have a go to for a bad hair day like a ponytail would be good for when I had long hair.  Thanks to a $1 bandana and a cultural 1940′s icon, I now have a “I really don’t want to fix my hair” look.

Rockabilly Bandana Hair Makeup Look

Rosie the Riveter is to this day considered a feminist icon in the United States.  Today, the term wearing a bandana or scarf ” Rosie style” refers to having the center of the bandana at the base of your neck ending up with the knot at the front of your head where a normal headband would be. This is how “Rosie” wore it in this World War II “We Can Do It” poster.  The woman in the poster is commonly mistaken for Rosie the Riveter but she isn’t.  BUT for fashion’s sake… let’s just say she is.

I like a wide fold for my bandana but it’s definitely a personal preference.  There are some variations on how to tie it as well.  They all start off with a standard bandana folded into a triangle.  You can either keep it like that or you can take it a step further like I did and fold it.  I simply took the point of the triangle and folded it the opposite end and folded it in half one more time.  (I hope that makes sense.)

I did some variations on my bangs as well.  First, I simply took a big barrel curling iron and curled the front in.  I got a pretty big “rockabilly” curl.  For some reason I had a really hard time photographing all of these looks.  I thought it looked better in person but you get the picture.

Rockabilly Bandana Hair Makeup Look

Rockabilly Bandana Hair Makeup Look

Next, I rolled the big curl around my finger and pinned that to make a pin curl.

Rockabilly Bandana Hair Makeup Look Pincurl

Finally, just for kicks I took the pin out and got a tighter curl than the curling iron did on its on.

Rockabilly Bandana Hair Makeup Look


Rockabilly Bandana Hair Makeup Look


I’m sure I will come up with more variations on this look as I get bored.

Thanks for looking guys…






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