Chapped Lips?

Its freezing cold outside and a lot of us are suffering from cracked, chapped lips.  I, however, have chapped lips all the time.  This makes me a lip product junkie.  I have tried just about anything and everything to get a smooth pout.  Most things don’t work, don’t work well enough to justify the price or are just plain too much work.  You will be amazed to find out the one thing I have found works for me…

I have tried soooo many products over the years.  I’ve tried everything from drugstore products (although I’ve pretty much given up on them) to high end luxe items.  I have even tried home remedies and unconventional products to cure the flakies.  Rosebud Salve was a staple for me for a long time until I realized it didn’t really do much.  After that I went through highly rated products like Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($22.50) and Benefit Lipscription ($32) with no luck.  They would work temporarily or not at all.  I tried products that are a little more under the radar like Studio Gear Resurgence Lip Retexturizing System ($25) and that was just ok.  I went the untraditional route with pure lanolin and that was mediocre at best.  Everything worked to a certain degree if I slathered it on before going to bed and used a toothbrush to exfoliate them in the morning.  Honestly, I didn’t want to do that and it made my lips raw…  I did like Clinique Superbalm but I don’t always want glossy lips and you can’t apply lipstick over it.  I actually really like Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment but it is $35.

So onto my new holy grail lip product.  I got half of my back tattooed last Thursday.  Anyway the product you apply while healing is A&D Ointment.  All you mothers know this stuff as diaper rash ointment.  So I read the directions on the tube and it says that I can apply this to my lips.  Hmmmm diaper stuff on my lips.  Not thrilled but I’ve tried just about everything so I went for it.  I slathered it on pretty thick before I went to bed.  I wake up and wipe off the excess product with my fingers.  Amazingly, all the dead skin sloughed off my lips with no more effort than that.  Usually, I am scrubbing with a toothbrush or a wet washcloth.  PERFECTLY SMOOTH LIPS!!!  I have been fooled before so I will keep you posted on whether this continues to work but I am feeling optimistic.

So there you go…  Years and years of spending hundreds on a lip treatment and my holy grail is a baby butt ointment.  Go figure….



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