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Ok so I had originally planned to do a FOTD along with this post but I couldn’t help it…. I needed to share something with you guys NOW.  lol..  Evil Shades is a “newer” cosmetic line that prides itself on supplying edgy, unique colors at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.  It is described as a Punk, Goth, Emo, Rockabilly, Scene and head banger line.  It is a 100% animal cruelty free line and most of its products are vegan.  I have only swatched half the shadows I received but there is one particular eyeshadow in here that I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about so I decided to publish this post before it was technically ready.  Druuuuuuuuuum roll!!!!

The eyeshadow is called NYMPHETTE!!!  YEEEEEEEEEEAH!  I’m so excited (and a nerd).  And of course it is blue.

Ugggggh so gaaaaawgeous.  You guys know that I love blue shadows and therefore I own a ton of blue eyeshadows but this one is truly unique.  First of all, the quality of all these shadows are awesome.  Super blendable, highly pigmented, velvety, not chalky in the least bit.  Ok back to Nymphette!  Ok so Nymphette is a sultry blue with some grey, gunmetal undertones.  It screams smokey eye to me and I’ll probably start with just that.  Its hard to tell in the photograph but it foils beautifully (as do all of shadows I swatched).  It gets a touch deeper and more metallic.  I bet this would be gorgeous over one of my Mac greasepaint sticks.

Ok onto the other colors.  There are definitely some gorgeous colors in this batch.  I was amazed by the consistency.  Usually a good, deep black tends to be chalky but Venom and Devil’s Bonfire were far from chalky.  Sinister was a sea green color with a pearly sheen to it and blue undertones.  Amazing foiled!  Acolyte is a very interesting sage green with some greyish undertones.  I really love this color.  When I foiled it, a ton of multi-colored sparkles showed up.  This is a really unique color.  Banshee I adored as well.  I would describe it as a BRIGHT robin’s egg blue.  So vibrant foiled.  Abyss is a periwinkle color with a pearl finish as well.  It has some definite cool undertones.  This WILL get used by me lol.  13th Hour is so interesting because it looks like a deep blue black in its packaging but applies sort of a dark greyish, taupe dry.  However, when foiled it looked like a blue black patent leather.  So cool!  Venom was a super black, black with no pearl finish and some silver sparkles.  I LOVE my blacks BLACK and this does it for me.  Devil’s Bonfire is just like Venom except it has multi-colored glitter in it.

Ok so let’s get to how much these cost.  There are several ways to purchase these shadows.  You can buy a full sized 3 gram jar for $2.85 each.  YES TWO DOLLARS AND EIGHTY FIVE CENTS!  Ughhh come on guys!  The illusion eyeshadows (containing holographic glitter like Acolyte and Devil’s Bonfire) are a tad more at 3 bucks a pop.  You can also purchase a 1 gram sample of the eyeshadows for $.75.   Better yet, you can get a sample of all 15 colors for $9.50!!!

Stay tuned.  There will definitely be more swatches and looks to follow using Evil Shades.  xoxo



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