Review – Bamboo Brush Rolls

If you ladies don’t own a brush roll you need one now!  They are meant to protect the shape of your bristles as well as keep them sanitary.  Once you start using one you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Most brush rolls are soft and made of fabric which protects the brush but not like this bamboo brush roll.  This roll is made with a stiff bamboo material similar to a bamboo placemat if you’ve ever seen one of those.  It also reminds me of what they use to roll sushi lol.  It does a great job of protecting the brushes.  It would be perfectly safe to throw this roll in a bag or even luggage.  These rolls are made by tnmakeupgal on Etsy.  The brush roll is 8 in tall and I leave it laid flat on my vanity but you can also roll it up for safe keeping.  It makes it very easy to locate all my brushes and keeps the bristles in good shape all at the same time.  The roll has 15 elastic loops that can hold brushes (of course), lip products, mascara, my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, etc.  The only thing I would change about the roll is having a combination of large and small loops so that my smaller brushes and eyeliners can fit in with falling out.  I actually ended up putting several small brushes in one loop so that they would stay put.  A couple of my larger brushes stuck out the top a tiny bit but I could easily push the brushes down a bit so the bristles were fully covered.  These brush rolls are $18 each and are well worth every penny.  She also does custom colors at no extra charge so don’t be afraid to send her a message.  I need to work on organizing my ever growing stash and this is a step in the right direction.


She also makes adorable crayon rolls!!!  My daughter got hers and LOVES it!  Perfect size for her almost 3 year old hands to carry around everywhere and keep the crayons from breaking.  The crayon roll is obviously shorter than the makeup brush roll.







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