Review: 28 Neutral Palette

The 28 neutral palette is a palette that is sold on eBay as well as the Coastal Scents website.  However, I got this from BH Cosmetics for a price in between eBay prices and Coastal Scents prices (the most expensive).  Its great for people who don’t want to do the whole auction or eBay thing.  Every single palette is insured when you order from BH Cosmetics with no additional cost.  This is great because some of these palettes are fragile and you definitely want them to be insured.  They also offer a money back guarantee and this means for the shipping cost too!!!  So for a little more then you would pay for an eBay palette, you get more peace of mind…




The palette itself is in a not so sexy case =/ but I didn’t expect it to look like a Dior palette or anything.  Just a matte black, plain plastic case that is not the strongest BUT it does its job.  The palette is about $27 including shipping so less than a buck a shadow… SO not expecting a whole lot as far as looks go.  This is a “neutral” palette but the majority of the colors are warm.   The shadows are a mixture of mattes, pearls and some shimmers.  The mattes were slightly chalky and less pigmented than all the other finishes.  There is definitely some fallout when dealing with them.  You also have to really pack on the mattes which might be more work than some want to do.  Def want a primer and a base under all the shadows but for sure with the mattes.  Pearls were awesome!  They were very pigmented, very smooth and easy to blend.  There really weren’t many shimmers but they were good in quality like the pearls.  I could have lived without all the highlight colors which seemed to be dupes of each other except for #3,#4 and #7 which are all pearls.  The colors that stand out to me are #10,#12, #19, #21, #25, #26 and #27.  #24 ended up being the perfect brow fill color for me!  Woo hoo!  I will probably update as I use the palette more.  All in all, this is a great palette to grab.  The price is right and its the perfect “work” palette.  The mattes take a little more work but you can still get a good end result with them.  Yeah a couple colors just suck but for the price its still worth it.  Here are some dry swatches.



By the way, I had to adjust lighting on each picture to make sure the swatches photographed like they looked in real life.  That’s why my skin color keeps changing.  Ignore that pleeeeeeeeease.












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