Review: Lumiere Cosmetics

Lumiere Cosmetics is an awesome, affordable yet high quality mineral makeup company that quite frankly doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  I know there are a lot of Lumiere lovers out there but I hope to introduce this brand to people who haven’t heard of it before.




When I got my package in the mail, my eyes focused right into the eyeshadows… specifically Peacock blue!!  Those of you that know me know that I can’t get enough blue eyeshadows!  It’s a sickness I know.  It is the perfect name for it as it is a turquoisey blue with gold and green touches.  The one thing that I noticed about all the shadows are that they all looked great dry, on different bases and foiled!!  They were all very easy to blend and everything you want in an eyeshadow.  They were pigmented, didn’t crease (I always use primer) and not chalky.  Mint Chocolate Chip was a very interesting medium, taupey brown with green shimmer.  It turned almost bronzey when it was foiled.  Very unique and gorgeous color.  You definitely want to pat this color on instead of swipe to keep the shimmer in it. Soft Fuschia was a very pale cool pinky, lavender with blue undertones and shimmer when used dry but turned a lot more purple when over a base or foiled.  Very versatile color in my opinion.  Light Blue Shimmer is very accurately named lol.  It is a slightly silvery light blue with lots of shimmer.  It got more vibrant over a white base… think Cinderella’s dress.  You can get 1 gm samples for $5 and they come in a jar which I love!!  I’m not a huge fan of the baggies but I know they are more cost efficient.  The 2 gm jar is $8.


I tested the Flawless Face in Medium Beige and I have to say that I want everybody to at least try a sample of this out.  I have to be honest, I just tested Jane Iredale’s foundation yesterday and I prefer THIS!  The color was perfect for me, just enough coverage, it felt light on, made my skin soft and what sold me was the dewy finish that wasn’t oily or greasy looking.  It was just enough coverage so that I didn’t look like I was wearing too much makeup and my freckles actually showed through.  A very radiant, natural look…  Jane Iredale’s was a more matte finish which was nice too but I definitely prefer the Lumiere.  It was a powder foundation that I applied with a dense flat top brush like your typical mineral foundation.  I also sprayed a setting spray (glycerin and water mixture) after I applied the foundation.  Within a couple minutes, the foundation melded with my skin and it was just perfection!  It actually felt creamy on my skin (in a good way). It lasted all day and never felt uncomfortable.  You can purchase a 1/4 tsp baggie to make sure you like the formula and its a color match for $1.  Lumiere makes 4 different formulas so its best to test to see which one you like before you go out and buy the full size.  Its only $12 for a 20 ml jar and $18 for a 30ml jar which is a steal when you are comparing to some of the well known mineral makeup names.  Here are 2 FOTD’s I did with this foundation and some Lumiere shadows.  =)






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