Review: Alima Pure Stargazing Collection

For those of you who are not familiar with Alima Pure, they are an all natural mineral makeup company based in Portland, OR. They use only pure cosmetic grade ingredients leaving out possible irritants such as bismuth oxychloride (found in Bare Minerals), talc, dyes, fragrances, parabens (a preservative), phthalates (known to cause some pretty harmful side effects) and preservatives. All of their products have BDIH natural cosmetics certification which is a prestigious German certification with a very comprehensive and strict set of guidelines. In a nutshell, they go beyond the European Unions ban of 1000 chemicals (FDA has only banned 10 =/ ) to ensure any of their certified products are completely safe. Soooo basically, Alima’s products are TRULY all natural in a market where the term “all natural” is used quite loosely. They are also a cruelty free company and a member of PETA.

Anyways more about the line, I am amazed by their selection of foundations. If you are one of those gals who has a hard time finding the perfect foundation color… Alima has SIXTY different shades!!! They even have a program similar to Back to Mac where you return 5 of their full sized jars (in recyclable packing) and receive a free eyeshadow. They are a little more affordable than Bare Minerals and they offer samples in actual jars which is great.  They also offer a point system where you earn 1 point for every $10 you spend and each point is good for a dollar off a future order.  YAY!  I love point systems.



The Stargazing Collection is a limited edition collection due to release in the summer. I am loving this collection already. The packaging is probably one of my favorites when it comes to mineral makeup. The little box it comes in is just adorable.  More importantly, the actual jars the shadows come in are perfect.  They have sifters in the jar which I think is a must have with loose shadows.  Also, the top of the jar has a plastic insert which makes it perfect for getting the actual product on the brush.  You just sift a little product onto the lid and there’s a perfect space for swirling your brush into the product.  Stargazing consists of 4 shadows, Andromeda, Galaxy, Nebula and Nova all of which are very wearable.  I love every single one of these colors.  The consistency is perfect (very finely milled) and also very pigmented.  You guys know I love blues so Andromeda definitely caught my eye.  Its a midtone, cool blue with purple and grey undertones.  I think its a very wearable blue for women that shy away from blues.  There is some fine silver shimmer in it.  Nothing too over the top.  Absolutely stunning over a white or black base.  Galaxy is also very pretty.  I would call it a cool, taupey brown with some slight grey undertones.  It has no no shimmer to it but rather a pearly, almost metallic finish.  I can tell I will reach for this one often.  It is very versatile.  Nebula is a white, slightly silver color that can be sheered out or built up to be a pretty strong color.  It has that same metallic finish as Galaxy but does have some fine shimmer to it.  Nova is a creamy, darker champagne with some peach undertones.  This is another very versatile color.  It has that same pearly, slightly metallic finish.  Again, very wearable.  I think all these colors can be worn in a professional environment or a nightime setting depending on how you apply (they look amazing foiled).  I’m not always the biggest fans of collections but I would definitely recommend this one because of its versatility.  The collection looks good together and are also very usable by themselves or with other colors.  All in all a win/win.





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