Keratosis Pilaris anybody?

I have a skin condition (ewww I sound like a leper) where I have these little bumps on the back of my arm.  Its a really common condition that affects about 40% of adults and even more adolescents.  A lot of people that have it don’t even realize that there is a name for it, keratosis pilaris. AND of course it affects more women than men…  There is no “cure” for kp but I have found a way to get rid of about 90% of it.  It is probably the most insane, weird thing you’ve ever heard of or will ever hear of but I really hated my kp and I wanted it GONE!!!  The treatment is called oil pulling and kp is one of the many things it helps with.  Ok so what the heck is oil pulling?…  In a nutshell, you gargle sesame (untoasted) or sunflower oil in your mouth.  LOL..  The theory is that the oil pulls out all the toxins, bacteria and mucous out.  Sort of like a detox of your body.  It sounds nuts but it actually almost cured my kp which nothing else did!  It supposed to cure all kinds of crazy things and I can’t attest to them but its worth a try?…  I know for a fact my mouth feels so much cleaner and my skin is just more moisturized altogether.  I noticed a difference in my kp in about 2 weeks. They say you are supposed to do it well pretty much forever but I’ve stopped for quite awhile and they haven’t resurfaced or anything like that. It has been known to help with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, bad breath, skin problems like kp or eczema, digestion problems, constipation, arthitis, diabetes and even serious conditions like cancer.  You can read more about it here.  Also, I love this site because they show actual experiences for oil pulling as well as other alternative treatments.  I know this is totally off subject and not exactly a normal post in a beauty blog but hopefully it can help at least one of you guys.  I didn’t post details on the actual process but they are all over those sites that I linked to.  Please do your research and OBVIOUSLY I am not a doctor.




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